The Art of Suzanne Lowry

Artist Suzanne LowrySuzanne’s creative methods derive from a lifetime of studying not only various art media, but also her father’s construction processes in homebuilding to create her “industrial chic” sculpture.  With a Master’s Degree and an eclectic background in science and technology, she delights in balancing right brain creativity with left brain logic.  Incorporating unusual materials with copper, her work is always unique and has a signature style of metalwork with a feminine touch.

Like Edgar Degas, she uses recycled materials to construct the armature, sometimes concealing the structure and sometimes making it an integral part of the composition.   Her work currently includes four award-winning series.
“Sculpture on the Rocks” consists of fired clay shapes and figures, wrapped in soldered copper strips, plated with copper and embellished with semiprecious stones and other materials.  The sculptures are mounted on gold and silver quartz bases.
The widely popular “Divas” series depicts the feminine mystique.  The armature is covered with soldered and plated copper.  Sheet copper is incised, shaped, and soldered, then embellished with semiprecious stones.  The figures are mounted on mosaic bases.
“GlasScapes and Time Machines” combines clock parts, machine parts, metal findings and art glass, soldered with copper, to create fantasy machines and industrial compositions sometimes considered steampunk.  The bases are made of casting cement coated with micaceous iron oxide.
“Wearable Sculpture” is a collection of copper and semiprecious stone creations that range from wire sculpture earrings to removable pendants that are components of an actual tabletop sculpture.


     "Life According to the Little Guys" is a 40-page book,  containing approximately 30 Man-a-Kins photos and their philosophy of life.   Also available in the gallery. These full color images are from Suzanne's Man-a-Kins series. $25.00 Buy it Now

In addition to her sculpture, Suzanne enjoys painting in watercolor and oil, as well as continuing her lifelong passion for photography.  Her photographic work has two themes, objects of interest in natural light and “Man-a-Kins,” a whimsical series that incorporates artists’ manikins in created settings.

Present and past affiliations have included being a long-time officer and board member of the Gateway East Artists’ Guild, the founder of the Artists’ Registry for Charitable Events, a signature member of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, a member of the Jacoby Art Center, Highland Arts Council, and Greater St. Louis Art Association, and a resident artist at Sole Survivor.  Since 2008, she has also been a resident artist at Framations Gallery in St. Charles, MO.  

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Prints & unframed originals by artist Suzanne Lowry


Suzanne Lowry created the "Man-a-Kins" photo series, 
with the tag line "Little guys just trying to get by in this great big world". 

Lowry has hundreds more in this series and will also do special topics by request.

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