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Natural Light: The Nature Photography of Bill Carrier
Exhibition Dates: Sept 11 - Oct 5, 2008  

      Longtime amateur photographer,  Bill Carrier, focuses on wildlife and natural subjects. From a very early age, he was provided with an appreciation for nature and especially animals of all types. His objective is to convey the beauty and majesty of nature as it appears in the everyday environments, activities, and features of its animals and plants. “Like all photographers”, he says, “I’m trying to make a connection between you as the viewer and the subject, from the cold stare of 1,300 lb polar bear to the soft details of a rose petal. My hope is that the image provokes an emotional response and a deeper appreciation for, and commitment to preserving, our natural world.”

     Bill is equally interested photographing the local flora and fauna of the Midwest as he is in subjects from Africa and the sub-Arctic. “With respect to wildlife,” he says, “I’m trying to draw the viewer into a moment of time in these animals’ lives. I’m always searching for that optimum combination of the animal’s expression, its position, the light, and the background. I know I’m close to the optimum when I’m conflicted between taking the shot and just observing and enjoying the moment.”

     Born & raised in northern Illinois, Bill has lived in St. Charles, Missouri for twenty-three years. His photographs are a partnership with his wife, Kathy, who takes the lead in formatting and framing them for final presentation. While he primarily uses digital Nikon equipment, he is open to employing a range of tools and techniques to achieve his goals.




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