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The Art of Family: artwork by Ken Farris and Lisa Thomas
Exhibition Dates: July 29 - September 1, 2011

      Artists Ken Farris & Lisa Thomas join together in this art exhibition. Both artists come from a family deeply involved in the fine arts sharing their roots in Southern Illinois. 

The art of Ken Farris.      The Art of Lisa Thomas 


"Follow the Trail" by Artist Ken Farris.

About Artist Ken Farris: 

     Ken Farris’s love of art dates back to pre-school days when he and his sister painted using their dime store watercolors. Nature and the world in general fascinated Ken and he planned to be an artist and paint what he loved.  His love of art and innate talents came to the fore while working as a Design Engineer winning the prestigious International Award Of Excellence from Ford Motor Co. for design work. After a successful career in design, he devoted his time to painting. He paints with acrylics, oils, watercolors, colored pencils and enjoys each medium equally. To satisfy his love of nature, he paints plein air when he can. He uses his many travel photos as inspiration for his paintings. They allow him to relive enjoyable experiences yet provide something new and challenging to work from. Ken Farris is an artist who has proven that it is never too late to live a dream.

Learn more about artist Ken Farris on his website. 

"Crane" by artist Lisa Thomas.

About Artist Lisa Thomas:

   "Detail is such a big part of my art, as you can see in my work. Even though it can be stressful, I lovethe challenge of getting it "just right". I also love the results of blending and burnishing the colors to produce amazing effects like light and shadow, texture, and dimension. There are so many different techniques used to create beautiful effects.

     Most of my work is still life, but I also do commissioned pet portraits, and Celtic designs. The Celtic art is inspired by my family heritage, and of course, the detail of the complex design satisfies my need for a good challenge. The pet portraits are a fun and unique way to "own" all the pets I ever wanted and can't have!  All of the paintings in my collection are inspired both by my personal photographs that I use as reference material, and actual historical designs from the ancient Celts. My art is both satisfying and challenging at the same time, but my life would be incomplete without this."

Learn more about artist Lisa Thomas on her website. 

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