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Collages & Titles
Create Your Own Unique Collage with Title cuts!

     Would you like to create a one of a kind mat?

      Do you need a unique or personalized gift?

                Try our Custom Collage Mats!

      Here at Framations, we custom cut all of our mats to your specifications! The process is simple! You tell us how many pictures you have, their sizes and directions (Vertical or horizontal). Let us know the size of the frame you need your mat to fit into. We will send  an email to you with a design template for your approval. Once you approve the design we can put your order into production!

      Title cuts are a wonderful way to personalize a collage. We can print & attach your personal messages & insert them into the matting for you! You choose the font color & style. We will size the message to an appropriate dimension based on the overall size of your collage, cut the extra window opening(s), and attach the titles to the matting. All you will have to do is finish inserting your pictures!. OR if you preder, you may ship your pictures to us and we will insert them for you (at no extra charge of course)! We pride ourselves in great customer service! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in selecting just the right matting. If you need creative ideas... we can help with that, too! Let us know what type of occassion, who the mat is for,  where you plan to hang the  collage  (ie. contemporary living room, traditional bedroom) , or any detail you think is important for us to know. WE ARE HAPPY TO ASSIST YOU!

      How to Create a Custom Collage with Title cuts      

And turn this........                                  Into a fabulous collage!








Label & Measure your Photos!

Assign a unique letter or number to each of your photos. Measure the area of the photo that you would like to see from the front of the mat. Record your measurements and the directions of the photos (vertical or horizontal) on a seperate piece of paper. You will need to email or fax us these measurements in order for us to give you an accurate quote






STEP TWO:                                   

    Design Layout

Email/fax us your record of measurements & directions.Let us know how large you would like the overall matting to be (ie.16x20, 22x28, 30x40) and also what direction (vertical or horizontal) you would like to hang the collage. If you are not sure about the overall size, we will recommend the best size to fit your pictures!        We will email a design template back for your approval, OR, if you prefer to design the template yourself, you may email or fax your template to us.

STEP THREE:   Add Title Openings

Your matting may consist of all blank window openings (for your photos) or you may elect to add title cut openings to your collage. If you want Title Cut Openings, we need to know what you want them to say! We will size the openings and the fonts to appropriate sizes for your collage.


-The Font Style Code for your text
- The Font Color Code for your text
-The text you wish to have in the title opening

STEP FOUR:                Email or fax your request for quote

Send us your request for custom cutting collage mats! CLICK HERE FOR ORDER FORMS

  We do our best to answer all email withen one working day! Upon receipt of your request, we will evaluate the mathematical feasibility of your design and email you a final template for your approval

STEP FIVE:         Prepare your package for mailing!

     Most of our customers who are also having us custom frame the collage mat, prefer to send us their photos so that we may send their order back completed. (You won't have to do a thing but hang it on the wall or gift wrap it!)  Sending us the photos allows us to double check the measurements and ensure that your order will look great! If you are also having us custom frame the collage, having the images here allows us to professionally seal the framing. If you choose not to mail us your images, you will be responsible for inserting the pictures into the matting &/or Inserting the collage into the framing.

      If you are mailing items to us, we do reccommend that you insure them with your shipping carrier. We are not responsible for damage incurred during shipping

                               Send us your photos and a copy of your order form.

           If you want us to design your collage for you,  we will be happy to do just that!

The images contained on this site are copyrighted by the artists
and cannot be downloaded, copied or used without written permission. 

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