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The Art of Abstract Thinking: The Art of Jessica Dreyer
Exhibition Dates: February 13 - March 7, 2010

     "The Art of Abstract Thinking" is an exhibit of paintings by Jessica Dreyer, subject of the documentary, Tracy and Jess: Living with Early Onset Alzheimers. Several years ago, Jessica Dreyer, an artist and longtime resident of St. Charles, was diagnosed in the very early stages of Alzheimer's. Suddenly expected to leave an active career much too early and unprepared for retirement, Jessica found herself looking for new ways to focus her energy and keep her mind active. With the support of her husband and two grown sons, Jessica hoped to fill the void brought on by this disease as she turned to her passion of photography and painting. This passion began over 40 years ago, though she gladly had put this on hold to raise her sons and develop her career. Now it was time to rediscover herself through her art. The dilemma was to find a new direction in her life that would involve her love of photography and art. Jessica Dreyer is an inspiration to all artists. She encourages all of us to continue to create and develop their skills in the face of life's challenges.

Tracy & Jess: Living with Early Onset Alzheimer's

Watch the trailers for the documentary, Tracy & Jess: Living with Early Onset Alzheimer' s here.  here 

The Art of Abstract Thinking: The Art of Jessica Dreyer.     "Within" by artist Jessica Dreyer.     "Motion" by artist Jessica Dreyer.


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