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Airbrush & Sand Paintings by artist Kirk Cawiezell
Exhibition Dates: November 6 - December 2, 2007

   Framations is proud to present artist Kirk Cawiezell in his first gallery exhibition. Born & raised in Iowa, Kirk has lived & worked in the St Louis area for 25 years with the loving support of his parents, brothers, girlfriend & four children.

   The sand art technique that Kirk Cawiezell utilizes came to fruition through his work in the industrial flooring business. There he had learned all types of flooring using epoxies & urethanes, sometimes mixed with quartz colored sand. Converting this medium into an art has been his passion for the last ten years, as he has experimented on stepping stones, tables, cabinets, bar tops, floors, & wall hangings & many other surfaces. An example of one of his furniture pieces is the floral coffee table. This is an extremely versatile medium that is both decorative & durable. Kirk utilizes this medium as a way to explore both realistic subject matter such as the artworks St Louis Skyline, & Venice Gold, as well as abstract subject matter such as Pipe Dreams & Neon Scales.

     You’ll notice in pieces like the St Louis Skyline & Neon Scales a shimmer effect. This effect is created by using colored sands that are diamond cut. In the piece, Venice Gold, Kirk used round cut sands for a more matte finish effect.

Airbrush & Sand Paintings by artist Kirk Cawiezell.

      Having spent a few years in Florida, some of Kirk Cawiezell favorite subject matters revolve around sea life as seen in the pieces Nassau Grouper, Red Grouper & Crabby.  Also included in this exhibit are selected air brushed paintings such as Bird of Paradise & Red Flower #1.

      Cawiezell has created many custom murals in his customer’s homes & business & can turn almost any surface into truly unique artworks for the owner’s pleasure. If you are interested in having Kirk Cawiezell create a one of a kind art work for your collection, please contact the gallery.  




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