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Black and White: The Art of Steve Femmer
Exhibition Dates: August 31 - October 11, 2018


Steve Femmer


I recently started drawing with ball point pen on bristol board using a fine line technique. It reminds me a little of etching, although not that detailed. I plan to make more of these drawings in the future. Also, in recent years I've been working on scratchboard. You can achieve highly detailed artwork scratching with exacto blades on "Ampersand" boards (white kaolin clay coated with black india ink on masonite).. It's great for illustrating animal hair and bird feathers. All the art presented in this exhibit is black and white or shades of gray. Included are realistic, surrealistic, and abstract works. Besides ball point pen and scratchboard art, I'll be showing a number of graphite drawings, charcoal drawings and ink drawings, plus black and white photographs. The work ranges from 1978 to 2018. There will be mostly original art, but also prints made from high resolution scans of original art and copies made from original art, all signed. 

Black and white art can be very powerful. By accentuating composition, form, value, textures and lighting, it can be more dramatic than color. It may also appear to be more timeless and may distance the subject a little more from reality than color. Also, photographs with definite black and white areas and many varying gray tones can make a powerful statement. It's not that I necessarily prefer black and white art over color art, they're just two different ways for an artist to present their work. 


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