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The Art of Rich Gordon
Exhibition Dates: Oct 24 - Dec 4,  2014
Artist Rich Gordon
"You don’t need to understand or know what it is. You just need to open your mind and your heart to what you see or feel. These paintings are not pictures fixed in time; they are much closer to personal events between you and me, which meld what you see and what I’ve created. What do you see? What do you feel?"
~Rich Gordon.   


Motivivation from Chaos by Rich Gordon

     Rich Gordon's first gallery exhibition reflects both his acrylic paintings/mixed media work as well as his photography. This exhibition showcases the variety of styles and interests that fascinate Rich. His artwork conjures emotions and sparks the imagination.  Rich does not approach his art from a heavy or serious standpoint.  He believes if his art causes you to smile or lightens a moment for you it has done its job!
     In his acrylic and mixed media paintings there is nothing more rewarding and fun for Rich than manipulating color and form into a result that affects emotions or adds some pop to the atmosphere in your home or office.  For this reason his paintings are generally filled with bold, colorful forms that can include intricate details or surprising distortions.  Rich's photography captures nature and reality at its best.  The acrylic works feature still lifes, abstract landscapes, some musical themes, and total abstract expresssions. For example, Gordon's original jazz painting, Take Five, incorporates abstract expression with a musical theme. Take Five along with many other originals are also availabe to purchase as affordable giclee prints. 
Rich Gordon relates well to the quote from famous expressionist “Wassily Kandinsky” (1866-1944) that said, Color was the keyboard.  He feels that his eyes and hands play that keyboard revealing his own soul just as a piece of music reveals the soul of the songwriter and musician. Gordon's art can become a bond and connection between the artist's soul and the heart and soul of the viewer of the artwork. To Rich Gordon, this connection is what can makes abstract painting amazing.
Gordon's photography encompasses the belief that the photographer and the camera are there to reflect and capture reality and reveal it at its best.  His photography is also well adapted by bending reality and creating a mood or emphasizing an aspect of reality.  Since the advent of the camera well over 150 years ago nothing can capture reality and the way things "are" better than a camera. And capturing things as they are is what Rich strives to capture.

Take Five
by Rich Gordon



Photography by Rich Gordon
 "I am confident that you will find some of my images connect with your own emotions and tastes. It’s as simple as that! What do you see? What do you feel? What could my art do for your environment? If it leaves you unmoved or in a place of complete neutrality, maybe it’s not your art!  However I believe that those who can look at my abstract paintings or my photos will enjoy, feel, and see something that touches their soul, or sparks their own personal imagination!  
      So please enjoy the color, the contrast, the boldness and some of the fine nuances of the “Art of Rich Gordon”!" 
~ Rich Gordon
About Rich Gordon:
      Rich Gordon is a respected and successful St. Louis author, consultant and public speaker with close to 40 years of sales, and retail management experience, and over 24 years of direct retail experience.  His latest book , A Line Out The Door, was released in 2011. Rich also publicly speaks to groups on retail strategies and opportunities, as well as customer service challenges for small business. As a lifelong painter and photographer, he has won many awards for his art. Now semi-retired, Rich Gordon is spending more of his time in the fine arts areas. 
Learn more about Rich Gordon at www.artofrichgordon.com

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