Allure of the Landscape
Oils by Dimitrina Kutriansky

Allure of the Landscape

Artistic Vision

" If the imagination is shackled, and nothing is described but what we see,

seldom will anything truly great be produced either in Painting or Poetry . . .

A departure from nature is not a necessary consequence in the painting of compositions:

On the contrary, the most lovely and perfect parts of nature may be brought together,

and combined in a whole, that shall surpass in beauty and effect

any picture painted from a single view.” – Thomas Cole

The realistically rendered landscapes I create are the expression of our more pliable, understandable human emotions. Sometimes they are peaceful images of the earth beneath the snow, while others depict a more turbulent or vibrant phase in nature, noticed and remembered at a single, isolated moment.

Landscapes possess a rehabilitative capacity, as neither their loneliness nor pretense can hurt and destroy one’s vitality for living. These are images, imitations, and facsimiles of what is real, without the potency or urgency presented by human interactions. They become my single means of feeling a unity with the world around me, of restoring contact between my art and the everyday world. These works eliminate the sense of hopelessness, bringing me, and hopefully the viewer, into a tangible world of emotions felt and comprehended.

Oil by Dimitrina Kutriansky  Oil by Dimitrina Kutriansky  Oil by Dimitrina Kutriansky

These landscapes are the result of a desire to give an artistic expression to the complexity of the feelings that penetrate our very being. Through these realistic settings, I attempt to depict the forces within us and, thus, delineate the essential from the overwhelming reality of incomprehensible appearances. Learn more about the artist here. 







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