Upcoming Calls for Entry

Beyond the Lens XI

Beyond the Lens XI (media specific)
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Jan 27 – March 9, 2017
Entries Due Jan 20 – 22, 2017

An all subject juried exhibit of photographic work in all explorations of the medium.





Geometric by Design
Geometric by Design (all media)

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March 17 - April 20, 2017
Entries Due March 10 - 12       

When studying the elements of art, you learn of line, shape, form, color, texture, and space. Shapes tend to be either geometric or organic in nature. Geometric shapes refer to those that are more orderly and rely on fundamental designs such as circle, square, rectangle, triangle, lines, etc. In this exhibit, we ask artists to explore these shapes through their work. Will you focus on architecture or go symmetrical? Abstract or realistic? Look for the companion exhibit Organic by Nature later this year!


Alive ExhibitAlive (all media)
April 28 - June 1            
Entries Due: April 21 - 23 

We are surrounded entirely by life. People, animals, plants, microbes, etc. There are enumerable examples of life on our planet. What symbolizes life to you?      


Hope for the Hemlocks, previous First Place by Shirley Nachtrieb

Fluid: Exploring Watercolor II (media specific)
June 9 - July 13            
Entries Due June 2 - 4

An all subject, juried exhibit of artwork exploring the watercolor medium.    






Previous First Place from "Fluid: Exploring Watercolor (2012)

Hope for the Hemlocks I, Watercolor by Shirley Nachtrieb

Organic by NatureOrganic by Nature (all media)
July 28 - Aug 31           
Entries Due:uly 28: 6-8 pm        

As a companion exhibit to “Geometric by Design” held earlier this year, we now ask artists to change their way of thinking. Instead of focusing on the type of structure brought on by the focus on geometric shapes, we ask artists to explore the more free flowing designs found in nature. Open still to the full spectrum from realistic to non-representational, here we focus on the more free form designs.






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