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Thresholds (all media)
Aug 31 - Oct 11   
Entries Due: Aug 24 - 26
       (Full Entry Details Here)

An all media juried exhibit exploring the thresholds we encounter in life, whether they are physical, emotional, or other measurable forms. A threshold can refer to anything that is a measurable boundary that can be crossed, moved past, or possibly transitioned through. We might refer to a visible threshold such as a doorway, an exit, an archway, etc. Or perhaps a personal threshold, such as pain or other stimuli, that can be measured either physically or mentally. There are thresholds in biology and also in education. In psychology and climate. What threshold will you cross? 




Heritage and History (all media)
Dec 7 - Jan 17         
Entries Due: Nov 30 – Dec 2

Heritage is defined as “something that is handed down from the past: This can refer both to physical items or property, or something passed down such as a tradition. History on the other hand, is more a record or study of the events that have occurred in the past. Both can tell a story, but often from a different perspective. Being in a historical area, we are surrounded by the physical attributes that make up the heritage of St. Charles, which also engage us in the history of the area. With so many ways to explore, we ask artists to examine either their own personal relationships to these topics as they relate to their sense of self, or to explore the heritage or history of our area.

Beyond the Lens XIII (media specific)
Jan 25 - March 7         
Entries Due: Jan 18 - 20

Our 13th Annual exhibition of photographic works in all disciplines. Open to all subject matter and styles of photography.

Texture (all media)
March 15 – April 25      
Entries Due: March 8 - 10

Texture is the surface quality of a work of art. It can be distinguished by both its perceived visual and physical properties. Here, we ask artists to focus on the physical textures that add to the surface. These often create a deeper response for the viewer, as the depth brings more to examine and engage the viewer. Here we ask artists to use texture in their work to explore depth and richness and draw in the viewer.

Other local opportunities: 

MOSAICS Fine Art Festival

MOSAICS Fine Art Festival - 24th Annual
Sept 14 - 16, 2018
Entry Deadline: May 15, 2018

Enter online here. 







Colorless  @ The Foundry Art Centre
June 29 - August 10, 2018     
Entries Due May 7 


Entries here  

This all media exhibition invites artists to submit works based on their use of a "colorless" palette. Sometimes a monochrome palette can say more than a full spectrum of color and create a striking contrast. Artists are invited to share work that is composed of a majority of black, white, and all shades in between.



St. Louis Artist Guild

Piece of Paper   @ St. Louis Artists' Guild
June 8 - July 21, 2018     
Entries Due April 27, 2018



Entries here  

The St. Louis Artists’ Guild is holding a national call seeking artwork for our upcoming exhibit titled Piece of Paper. Paper is a versatile material that is at the core of contemporary art. It has unlimited surfaces, strengths, flexibilities and accepts a multitude of medium. This call explores paper as medium and in which the use of paper is a primary concern as a means of expression and aesthetic. The call includes painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and book arts.

St. Louis Artist Guild

For Every Positive, There is a Negative  @ St. Louis Artists' Guild
August 3 - September 15, 2018
Entries Due June 27, 2018


Entries here  


Seeking work that highlights the importance of negative space as it pertains to defining positive shape or form.  You cannot have one without the other. Negative and Positive space work in tandem to define the content and attitude of a work of art. How does the relationship of negative and positive space affect your communications and interactions with the viewer?  Open to all media and concepts that relate to the interaction between negative and positive space, for every action there is a reaction, and balance and counterbalance.



Menagerie @ Art St. Louis 
August 4 - September 13, 2018
Entry Deadline: May 14, 2018

Enter here

This juried exhibition is a follow-up to our 2016 "Creatures" exhibition, which was a tremendously exciting & fun show. Works for this juried exhibition may be about animals, beasts, creatures, real or imagined. All explorations & interpretations of this theme are invited. All media, styles and techniques encouraged.


Pink Pearl @ Art St. Louis 
Fall of 2018
Entry Deadline: July 9, 2018 (more info available soon)

Drawing is a foundation of all art making. Erasing what one has drawn also may come to play in the act of the process, thus Pink Pearl—that bubble gum pink eraser many artists have used. This all media juried exhibit is all about drawing as well as the removal/erasing process. The act of drawing (and erasing) expands to and includes all media. We invite all explorations & interpretations of this theme and encourage all media, styles and techniques.

Ongoing Display opportunity at the Kisker Road Library
There is a space available for artists to exhibit their work on a monthly basis at the Kisker Road Library. This opportunity is available to residents of St. Charles County. Please stop in the library to see the space or contact the Branch Manager the number below:

Kisker Road Branch Library (St. Charles County Library District)

1000 Kisker Road, St. Charles MO 63304
Contact: Diana Tucker, Branch Manager
636.926.7323 ext 2851


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