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ConnectionsConnections (all media) (more info)
Sept 1 - Oct 12           
Entries Due: Aug 25 - 27        

Connections abound in our surroundings is ways that are physical, emotional, spiritual, or symbolic.  They can be found in maps, architecture, a look, or through religion.  Here, we ask artists to describe in their art a type of connection that is impactful to them or inspiring in some way.  Explore the many meanings and find one that speaks volumes through your work.  Leonardo da Vinci once said “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”


Memory: Joy and Loss (A&A) (all media) (more info coming Summer 2017)
Dec 8 - Jan 18
Entries Due: Dec 1 - 3        


Memory plays a dual role. On one hand, memories can be a source of joy when they are things we hope to always remember. But on the other hand, memories can serve as a reminder of things we’ve lost or regret. Even worse at times are the things we wish we could remember, but can’t. Here, we will focus on memory and it’s function in our lives. “Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss 

Beyond the Lens XII (media specific) (more info coming Fall 2017)
Jan 26 - March 1
Entries Due: Jan 19 - 21

An exhibition of photographic works in all disciplines.        

Brilliant Color (all media) (more info coming Fall 2017)
March 9 – April 19             
Entries Due: March 9: 6-8 pm

Periodically over the last year, we have introduced exhibit themes that highlight the elements of art, which are line, shape, space, texture, value, form and color.  In turn, we have arrived at color. The hue, saturation and intensity of color determine its overall feel or impact. Here we ask artists to focus on the power and significance of color in their imagery.  Will it be bold or subtle? Warm or cool? Calming or exciting? Use color to speak volumes!

Those Who Dream by Night II (all media) (more info coming Winter 2017)
April 27 – May 31               
Entries Due: April 20: 6-8 pm 

A juried exhibition of themed work illustrating an element of dreams, fantasy, or the abstract; or otherwise distorting reality. "All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."  ~T.E. Lawrence

The Science of it (all media) (more info coming Winter 2017)
June 8 – July 12              
Entries Due: June 1-3 

A juried exhibit of work exploring science and its influences in our world. Through science we study bacteria, biology, evolution, the stars and everything in between. We examine and hypothesize and relate. Here we ask artists to use their knowledge and interest in the many facets of science to inspire their work!


Other local opportunities: 

Tell Me A Story

Context II   @ The Foundry Art Centre
Aug 4 - Sept 15, 2017     
Entries Due: June 21, 2017       
Entries here  

For the second year, the Foundry Art Centre presents an all-media exhibition focusing on the written word’s role in the visual arts. The language of literature can be used in visual pieces literally, symbolically, texturally, referentially, and in many other ways. Context II will once again speak to the intersection between visual and written arts. This exhibition will coincide with our Literary Festival (held in conjunction with the St. Charles City County Library System) and our “Language” themed  evening of Second Thursdays: Living Artan evening of free art activities, education, entertainment, and refreshment for the community.

Ongoing Display opportunity at the Kisker Road Library
There is a space available for artists to exhibit their work on a monthly basis at the Kisker Road Library. This opportunity is available to residents of St. Charles County. Please stop in the library to see the space or contact the Branch Manager the number below:

Kisker Road Branch Library (St. Charles County Library District)

1000 Kisker Road, St. Charles MO 63304
Contact: Diana Tucker, Branch Manager
636.926.7323 ext 2851


Riverfront Paint Off 2017
Riverfront Paint Off
Plein Air Painting event in St. Charles

Sept 1 - 8
More info here



St. Louis Artist Guild

What's Your GPS?

@ St. Louis Artist Guild
Sept 15 - Oct 11, 2017   
Entries Due: July 21, 2017       

Entries here  What’s Your GPS? Your GPS system can pinpoint your latitude, longitude, and altitude, but not your attitude. It will instantly map your starting location to your destination. When does a geographic location become a place? The WorldAtlas description reads: “Place refers to the physical and human aspects of a location. This theme of geography is associated with toponym (the name of a place), site (the description of the features of the place), and situation (the environmental conditions of the place). Each place in the world has its unique characteristics.” This national juried exhibit explores how location transforms into place and how a place may transform you. Is there a setting you love or hate? Is there a “place” that has made you who you are? All media and artistic disciplines are welcome to apply.Cash prizes totaling $1000 will be awarded by the juror.



Art St. Louis XXXIII, The Exhibition 

@ Art St. Louis
November 11-December 21, 2017
Entries Due: Aug 4, 2017       

Entries here  
Art St. Louis XXXIII, The Exhibition is a juried exhibition featuring artworks in all media, techniques, styles, and themes.


Get Out! Paint Out! 

The McKendree University Gallery of Art in Lebanon, IL 
Event: 8/4-6    Exhibit: 8/17-9/17   Public Reception: 8/31, 5-8 pm

The McKendree University Gallery of Art will host the Get Out! Paint Out!  “plein air” painting event August 4-6 in Lebanon, IL. Awards for First, Second, and Third Place will be announced at the reception on August 31. This year’s juror is Shawn Cornell.  More info here


Maturity an Its Muse: Celebrating Artistic Experience
@ Art St. Louis
April 14 - May 24, 2018

Entries Due: Sept 1, 2017       

Entries here  Maturity and Its Muse: Celebrating Artistic Experience is an all media juried exhibit showcasing the talents of Artists Informed by Time. Artists aged 70+ who, by making art, share their thoughts & ideas about the world and themselves with us. Open to artists who are (at least) age 70 as of January 1, 2018. Artworks in all media, styles, themes and techniques are considered.














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