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Submission Information for Artist Group Exhibits

      Artist Groups can rent the group exhibiition space in the Main Gallery for a rental fee of $350 for 5 weeks. An Artist Group must consist of a minimum of 5 artists & have a group name. This exhibition space one continuous wall that is 54'W x 12'H . All rental fees from your show are used for promotion & reception costs. The gallery receives a 25% commission on artwork sales from Artist Group Exhibitions.

Entering the Main Exhibit Hall

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Framations will provide the following services during your show:

- A vegetarian "Wine & Cheese" Reception (punch is also served as a non-alcoholic alternative for the guests). The opening reception is usually held from 6-8 pm on the Friday of the exhibition opening.Due to social distancing, at this time we are not hosting receptions for the safety of our artists and patrons. 


-(Hang Dates are the Tuesday before the reception, retreival dates are the weekend after the show closes).

~ Framations will send email announcements to our private email list. The Gallery will also provide your group a copy of the email to forward to your own private email lists.

~ Press releases sent out to the media about the show.

~ Your show will be featured on the homepage of Framations.com. Framations will create a promotion page for your exhibition: including information about the show, a few "teaser" images along with links to your website (if applicable).

~Framations will photograph the exhibit and post on our website at the close of the exhibition. (Example)

 - Framations Art Gallery will hang the exhibit. If your group has a plan for hanging, let us know, otherwise we will hang at our discretion. All artwork must be "take home" ready. This means the customer should be able to hang it as is, so if it needs a frame, make sure it is framed! If it is gallery wrap canvas, the sides should be finished! Artwork and framing should be in good condition without scratches, dings, dents, etc. The gallery reserves the right to refuse to hang anything deemed unstable or in poor condition.

~ In an effort to keep artwork fresh at Framations, Artist Groups are required to wait 13 months before booking another group exhibition.


Please submit up to 6 images in JPEG format (no larger than 500KB each) as attachments to  framations@gmail.com along with the following information:

~Artist Group Name
~Contact Person's name
~Contact Phone number(s)
~Title, description and price of artwork submitted
~Artist Biograghy
~Type of exhibit desired (Group Artist Exhibition)
~Website Information (if applicable)
Please Note: If you have a website, instead of sending attachments, you may simply send us the URL of the images you wish to submit along with the link to your website.

After reviewing submissions, we will keep your application on file for future gallery openings. If you have any questions, please contact the gallery




The images contained on this site are copyrighted by the artists
and cannot be downloaded, copied or used without written permission. 

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