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The Art of Kathy Gomric

Artist Statement:

    Drawing is my PASSION!  A God given talent, a true gift! As a lifetime resident of Southern Illinois I began drawing as a child but never took it seriously until years later. I remember mom drawing for me and assume it to be where my talent comes from. My earliest creation was about the age of three when dad bought mom a new sewing machine and I secretly scratched a house with bellowing smoke from the chimney on the side. At the time they did not find it very amusing but looking back at it now we laugh! In high school I took drafting, at the time I had aspirations of becoming an architect which I abandoned later. I went to the local community college and took a few drawing classes which I truly loved!  This is where I realized my passion for art. After learning some techniques I began entering my work in local art shows.

       A few years later I put down my pencils to raise my family and take on the many life challenges that came my way because at the time I felt I did not have enough time to devote to art. As a single parent it was difficult to make ends meet and with the encouragement of a very dear friend I re-entered the art world. This time I had a whole array of emotions to draw from when I put my heart and soul into my work which had given me an even deeper, stronger passion to draw from. I found that I so enjoy the boldness of the black and white pencil the most, although from time to time I do let myself experiment with other medias but always return to my pencils. An expression beings with an idea, excitement grows across the page and matures until it reaches it’s final stage. I love nature, organic and human shapes and forms, many times entwined among the many images you find unique and interesting shapes. Many nurtured strokes and shades flow across the page and takes on a ‘life of its own’ when I create these fantasies. Life is short, live, love and create art from your heart! 
 Kathy Gomric

 "Buddy" Pencil Drawing by Kathy Gomric


Have Kathy create a custom pencil portrait of your pet!

Dogs, cats, birds, horses.... Kathy can create a beautiful rendering from the reference photo you provide!

  It's the Purr-fect gift for any pet owner! 





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