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The Art of Angel Brame

About the artist:
Clay is my way of thinking outside of the box and outside of my comfort zone while having some fun playing in the mud.  I have found that clay offers me things that paint cannot.  Clay offers me the challenge of transforming a lump of mud into something useful through the utilization of the spinning wheel and my own dexterity and coordination.  It makes me think ten steps ahead so that I may be successful in that transformation.  And, it gives me what I consider to be a bonus.  Once I am done with the creation process, I can still revert back to my love of color and texture with slip and glazes.  I not only have my useful platter, but a canvas to paint on as well.  For me, this is the best of all worlds.

I mostly work with functional pieces, though I make a point of creating a hang-able foot ring on my larger pieces.   It is a great thrill to me knowing that my works are being enjoyed, sometimes every morning by the coffee pot, rather than just gracing a wall and collecting dust.

I also challenge myself in ways I did not have the courage for before clay.  I make a point to take regular breaks from my functional works to create pieces for non-functional art pieces.  These challenges push me in new directions and force me to re-imagine my day-to-day shapes and forms. Teapots and cups take on new meaning as they go from everyday items to creative, inspired, and inventive pieces.  

I turned a need for some quiet time away from paperwork, cooking, cleaning, etc into a lifelong love.   It has been the most rewarding adventure I have ever been on.


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