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Not Just Knots: The Photography of David K. Gleeson, Sr.
Exhibition Dates: July 24 - Aug 27, 2015
     "A lifetime resident of St Louis, Missouri.  I've been a nature enthusiast from my early teens. Camping, fishing, hunting and exploring in the beautiful Ozark hills and streams has given me a special appreciation for the awesome  images that Almighty God has provided.
     My brand of Nature Photography offers a unique look at some of the amazing shapes that have been etched into the woods and waters of Missouri by the natural elements of wind, rain, and fire. My "Not Just Knots" images are meant to make you Stop, Stare, and Imagine!!  The picture titles and brief descriptions will allow you to focus on the shapes that caught my attention. When you do, they will become amazingly realistic as you begin to see the detailed placement of the facial features, muscle contours, and accurate proportions of these slightly abstract, but recognizable "natural sculptures"! They are akin to images that we have all seen in clouds floating across a blue summer sky; but in the evolving life cycle of the Missouri Ozarks they are so detailed that they appear to have been chiseled into the landscape by the hand of an artist; His name is Father God!
     In conjunction with my shop-built custom cedar framing they are hang-ready and are the perfect wall décor for Country Lodges, Hunting and Fishing Camps, Fireplace Rooms, or anywhere Outdoor Enthusiasts relax and reminisce on the beauty and wonder of Nature."  
~ David K. Gleeson, Sr.


Photographer David K. Gleeson, Sr
Not Just Knots ExhibitionGleeson 

"Windblown Facemask" by David K. Gleeson, Sr. Photography. $150
Artist Comment: Image...A Strong Wind has stretched a piece of fabric tightly across the "left side facial features" of this realistic image!

"Bird of Prey Standing In Fall Leaves"
by David K. Gleeson, Sr. Photography. $150
Artist Comment: Imagine... The "Full Left Side" profile of this bird of prey is easy to distinguish as it stands in the leaf covered forest floor!

"Fox Face In Hollow Trunk"
by David K. Gleeson, Sr. Photography. $150
Artist Comment: Imagine... Fox's eyes and nose are looking straight at you from inside this hollow trunk!

"Distant Rabbit Leaping Over Log"
by David Gleeson, Sr. Photography. $150

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