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Submission Information: Resident Artist

     Our Resident Artist Galleries are permanent exhibit spaces & are rented to artists on a contract basis. Resident artists are also entitled to a 20% discount on all of their framing, supply, and gallery purchases from Framations.

Resident Artists
Resident Artists – 2D/Wall Art
Spaces range in monthly rent from $20.00 to $100.00 per space & commission of 20% on sold artwork. 

     Once an artist is approved for a resident exhibit space, it is their space as long as they desire to contract the space. There are 20 spaces in the resident artist galleries. *At this time all 2D/Wall Art Resident Artist Gallery Spaces are full & under contract. You are welcome to submit your work for the Resident Artist Gallery. If your submission is approved, we will contact you when we feel we can accommodate your work. *

Resident Artists – Jewelry
We currently have a locked, lit display case in our front window that we are accepting submissions for jewelry or other artwork that we feel needs to be secured in the space. This space affords for the following spaces with a 20% commission on sales: 3 @ 18” x 23” (flat spaces on bottom of case) for $30 each and 4 upper shelf spaces @ 10” x 35” for $30 each. 

Resident Artists – 3D art (flexible areas for sculpture and small gift items)
Spaces range in monthly rent from $30.00 to $75.00 per space & commission of 20% on sold artwork. We offer a variety of tables, shelves and fixtures for 3D art, each being flexible to move throughout the gallery to offer new setups based on events and window space. At times, 3D work will be in the front windows, at other times it will be in the Main Gallery.
Framations will consider submissions on an individual basis. Consideration will be given to the overall variety of artists, the pricing, sizes, and overall quality and appropriateness for the space. On some occasions, we may tell artists that we do not have an appropriate space at this time, but we’ll let you know if space becomes available. Artists will be approved for the gallery based on submitted medium. If artists are interested in displaying a new variety of artwork, they are asked to discuss these changes with the gallery before bringing in new artwork.



Please submit up to 6 images in JPEG format (no larger than 500KB each) as attachments to  framations@gmail.com along with the following information:

~Artist's Name
~Contact Phone number(s)
~Title, description and price of artwork submitted
~Artist Biograghy
~Type of exhibit desired (Resident Artist)
~Website Information (if applicable)
Please Note: If you have a website, instead of sending attachments, you may simply send us the URL of the images you wish to submit along with the link to your website.

After reviewing submissions, we will keep your application on file for future gallery openings. If you have any questions, please contact the gallery.  

Interested in submitting your work? See the info to the left!

When submitting:
 PLEASE include all requested information if you would like to be considered. Incomplete submissions will be rejected. We do not accept submissions in person. Please send all information via email as instructed to the left. Please do not send photographs via mail.  Resident Artists are required to have a working knowledge of email and the ability to send images via email.  We often have customer requests for more information and images from artists. We also communicate and send monthly newsletters to our Resident Artists via email. 


Framations will provide the following services during your residency:

 -Your artwork will be included on the resident pages of Framations.com. Framations will create a page for your artwork along with links to your website (if applicable). See examples.

-Resident Artists have the opportunity to offer classes through the gallery

-Resident Artists will be regularly featured in emails and social media postings. 

-Resident Artists will receive 20% all gallery and framing purchases, with some additional special pricing on some framing material. 

- Framations Art Gallery will hang the exhibit. If you have a plan for hanging, let us know, otherwise we will hang at our discretion. All artwork must be "take home" ready. This means the customer should be able to hang it as is, so if it needs a frame, make sure it is framed! If it is gallery wrap canvas, the sides should be finished! Artwork and framing should be in good condition without scratches, dings, dents, etc. The gallery reserves the right to refuse to hang anything deemed unstable or in poor condition. We ask that resident artists keep their exhibits fresh by changing out artwork at least quarterly.


The images contained on this site are copyrighted by the artists
and cannot be downloaded, copied or used without written permission. 

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