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"Pancha Mahabuta Series" by Artist A. Wilson

"Pancha Mahabuta Series" by Artist A. Wilson

Mixes Media. Sold. "The Pancha Mahabuta Series is my personal interpetation of the hinduistic five elements. The series consists of the following works: "Akasha" (the Fifth Element) 32x24 "Prithvi" (The god of Earth) 35x14 "Pavana" (The god of Wind) 14x32 "Jala" (The god of Water) 35.5x14 "Tejas" (The god of Fire) 14x32 "The Pancha Mahabuta Series was one of personal favorites to create.Though I was raised in a Catholic home, I enjoy studying different religions & came across the ancient Hinduistic belief of the five elements: Akasha, Prithvi,Pavana, Jala, & Tejas. Akasha or the fifth element is believed to be the source of the other four elements, giving 'birth' to the gods of Earth (Prithvi), Wind (Pavana), Water (Jala) & Fire (Tejas). In the creation of these pieces, I incorporated each of the elements into the paintings. Tejas was burnt with a torch, Pavana was created with the use of a fan to create the wind painting, Jala was painted using copious amounts of water, & Prithvi has soil incorporated into the paint. Akasha comes very close to my personal belief of an uncaused cause (or God). To me, Akasha is the reaction that had no action to cause it's being. Personally, Akasha is how I view what God looked like at the beginning of time. Some might call it the Big Bang. It is what you want it to be."

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