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The Art of A. Wilson > "I Am the Wind Thru the Trees" by Artist A. Wilson
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"I Am the Wind Thru the Trees" by Artist A. Wilson

"I Am the Wind Thru the Trees" by Artist A. Wilson

Mixed Media. 42x65. Sold "One day, as I was playing with my dogs in the backyard, I watched as a leaf glided upon the wind. As I watched the leaf soar & fall, the oneness of nature & humanity engulfed me. Immediately, I grabbed my notebook & created the poem, 'I Am the Wind thru the Trees'. As I wrote the poem I envisioned this perfect paridise in my mind's eye. " I am The Wind thru the Trees by A. Wilson©2007 I am the tree in the woods. Rooting Deeply, reaching upward, Planted firmly, my head in the clouds. I am the Wind thru the trees. Howling madly, singling softly, Guiding the leaf on its life’s journey. I am a Leaf on the Wind Sometimes soaring, often falling, Always in search of a place to rest. I am the bloom of a rose. Softly touching, gently fragrant, Shining in harmony with others. I am the thorn of the bush. Standing sharply, always alert, Providing protection for the weak. I am a ray thru the cloud. Burning brightly, warmly touching, Sharing my light as I break boundaries.I am a cloud in the sky. Everchanging, carefree & light, Laughing, I paint pictures in the sky. I am a wave in the sea. Interconnected, intertwined, Playfully dancing thru the ocean. I am the cliff on the shore. Standing firmly, gracefully still, Sheltering land from the crashing waves. I am the light of the star. Appearing motionless, but yet... Speeding my way thru the universe. I am a leaf of the tree blowing in the Winds, I am the thorn of the rose, basking in the sun, I am the wave of the ocean joined to the shore, I am wishing on the stars in the sky.

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