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All Things Wild
Exhibition Dates: July 15 - Aug 25, 2016
An all media exhibit of work focusing on the animal kingdom, from the teeny tiny to the great and mighty. 
Juror: Lisa Ober


Featuring Artwork by the Following Artists: 

Andries Alberts Kelly Budd Marcia Gay Christy Schneller Tom Strutz
Ruth Ann Bauers Bill Carrier Geraldine Knobbe Nora Schomogy Ben Underwood
Margaret Bauman Christine Casten Natalie Mueller Christopher Seep Lee Walter
Brian Blaylock Steve Femmer Sherry Salant Joyce Sheldon Linda S. Wilmes
Don Boehnker Cheryl Hueffmeier Beatrice Hanradt Sansocie    

Congratulations to the Award Winners: 

Mobile Home by Lee Walter

"Mobile Home" 
Watercolor by Lee Walter

A New Perspective by Marcia Gay

"A New Perspective"
Photograph by Marcia Gay


Photograph by Cristopher Seep

Final Warning by Linda Wilmes


"Final Warning"
Watercolor by Linda S. Wilmes
Dragonfly Rest Stop by Christy Schneller


"Dragonfly Rest Stop"
Photograph by Christy Schneller
Reflecting Flight by Marcia Gay


"Reflecting Flight"
Photograph by Marcia Gay

Botanical Buck by Cheryl Hueffmeier


"Botanical Buck"
Mixed Media by Cheryl Hueffmeier


I Was a Child Once, Too by Natalie Mueller

"I Was a Child Once, Too"
Oil Pastel by Natalie Mueller 


Juror's Statement:
What an honor and privilege it was to jury and judge this show. Thank you to Framations and to the artists who submitted work for the visual treat! I'm always surprised by the range of entries received for subject specific shows, and this one is no exception. So many things contribute to a judge's selections. Everything from technique, composition and use of color to presentation and even titles is considered. From the clever to the serious, the meticulously created to the whimsical, this show had it all. It was my pleasure viewing each and every entry. In the end, decisions had to be made, but the artists sure did make that difficult. I hope you enjoying viewing this exhibit as much as I did.  ~Juror Lisa Ober
Specific comments on award placements:
  • First Place: Mobile Home by Lee Walter
    Sophisticated design, well planned, lovely use of color palette, technically impressive. A show stopper.
  • Second Place: A New Perspective by Marcia Gay
    A nice fresh look at something dog lovers often see. Very nice composition. Loved the choice of location for the eye and darkened vignette treatment of the edges. Loved the title.
  • Third Place: Badlands by Christopher Seep
    What incredible depth of field giving the viewer a glimpse of what our subject sees in his vast environment. Loved the way the composition utilized the warmer colors in contrast with the cooler shadows to lead the eye through the photograph. Simply beautiful.
  • Honorable Mention: Final Warning by Linda Wilmes
    This one bit me. Very thoughtful use of wet in wet technique in the receding background. Rich color. Nice use of the grasses to place the tiger in his setting. Excellent rendering of the mouth. Wow.
  • Honorable Mention: Dragonfly Rest Stop by Christy Schneller
    What a stunning little moment captured in a most artistic way.! I appreciate the simplicity of this dragonfly's visit against a simple backdrop. The background gradation (darker lower left to light top) added to the composition, helping the viewer focus on the “perching” dragonfly.
  • Honorable Mention: Reflecting Flight by Marcia Gay
    Spectacular timing and quick response allow a seasoned photographer to catch a moment in time like this with clarity. I enjoyed seeing what a reflection captures (and misses). I was also struck by the way the transparent wings were back-lit. Stellar instincts for this photographer.
  • Honorable Mention: Botanical Buck by Cheryl Hueffmeier
    Commitment and vision come together in this clever and fun piece. My curiosity was piqued as to the many elements and how they were obtained. Such a creative use of materials and a real conversation piece. Nice touch with the beetle!
Juror Lisa OberAbout the Juror:
Lisa Ober is a portrait and still life painter, workshop teacher, and owner of OA Gallery in St. Louis, MO. Ober's work has appeared in publications including The Pastel Journal and Southwest Art. She has enjoyed three consecutive awards in the Pastel 100, an international pastel competition sponsored by The Pastel Journal. Ober also received a top award in the prestigious 2015 PastelWorld, a competition and exhibit held at the IAPS Eleventh Biennial Convention.
Collectors have recognized her work for its clever content, exquisite realism, and detail. Ober enjoys making pastels "behave" the way she envisions as she endeavors to use the medium in fresh new ways. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America.

Pet portrait Sample by artist Lisa Ober
Pet Portrait Sample
Artist Lisa Ober

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