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Photography by Bob Barton, Mark Hertich, and Jimmy Range
Exhibition Dates: September 5 - October 16, 2014
     In this exhibition, three photographers join together to present their recent photographic works. Bob Barton, Mark Hertich and Jimmy Range provide a wide variety of subject matter ranging from boxing and mixed martial arts to nature and wildlife. 


 by Bob Barton

Deception Pass Bridge
Whidbey Island, WA

by Mark Hertich

House on Haunted Hill
by Jimmy Range

About Photographer Bob Barton:
     "Over the years the bulk of my work has been Landscapes, Wildlife and Combat Sports. My favorite shoot's always seem to happen when I am looking for a particular animal or mountain range and more often than not, I end up in one of the National Parks. Wildlife shoots are great in Yellowstone and The Teton's and some of my best mountain shoots have been in Glacier Park and further north in Alberta.  My other passion in photography has been covering Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Shooting Landscapes/Wildlife and Combat Sports is a strange combination to say the least and I have found myself shooting an HBO World Championship in Connecticut then 12 hours later taking photo's on a stroll around Walden Pond.  I like the diversity, I like the search and I have enjoyed not only the moment,  but the journey. This exhibit will feature some of my favorite shots taken in The National Parks and the Combat Sports world."
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About Photographer Mark Hertich:
     "I am a nature lover who enjoys exploring and capturing images in the great outdoors. I started taking photos with a Pentax K-1000 Manual film camera back in High School. My Interests include Macro and Landscape photography. I also occasionally dabble in HDR photography. I love traveling to our wonderful National Parks to witness and capture the sights to share with those who haven’t been so blessed to get out and enjoy them."

About Photographer Jimmy Range:
     "A life long resident of St Louis, I am an avid sports photographer who has begun expanding my love of photography into other genres, including but not limited to, wildlife and landscape.  My main goal when shooting is to allow the rest of the world to see things through my eyes. Being behind the lens provides me the opportunity to free my mind and view the world form a perspective I don't normally get to view it from. Over the past several years while exploring different forms of photography, I have learned to view my own photos through the eyes of others as well."




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