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Beyond the Horizon, Across the Divide
Exhibition Dates: March 15 – April 18, 2013

 A juried art exhibition exploring the theme
Beyond the Horizon, Across the Divide.

     The theme refers to the concept of travel: what we see, where we go, what we experience. Artists were encouraged to include scenes from their own travels (areas outside of Missouri and Illinois) or images/pieces that describe for the viewer a concept related to travel (maps, compasses, etc.) 

Featuring work by the following regional artists: 


Ruth Ann Bauers
Diana Saffo Bono
Serena Boschert
Kim Carr
Bobbie Donaldson
Virginia Dragschutz
Steve Femmer
Susan Garrett
Marcia Gay
Jonathan Golden
Beth Goyer
Eileen Hall
Mark Hertich
Gloria Henderson
Ronald W. LeBaube 
Suzanne Lowry
Annette McGarrahan
Shirley Nachtrieb
Michelle "Mike" Ochonicky
Vicki S. Overman
Bob Peniston
Judith A. Repke
Sherry Salant
Marty Spears
Michelle Turner
Lee Walter
Jennifer Weigel
Linda Wilmes
Barbara Zucker
"Sleeping Bear Dunes" by Jonathan Golden. First Place.
First Place 
Sleeping Bear Dunes
Jonathan Golden
"Van Gogh Soars Over the Plains: Goodland, Kansas" by Annette McGarrahan. Second Place.
Second Place
 Van Gogh Soars Over the Plains:
Goodland, Kansas

Annette McGarrahan
"Crossing the G.W. (George Washington Bridge, New York)" by Barbara Zucker. Third Place.
Third Place
 Crossing the G.W.
(George Washington Bridge, New York)

Barbara Zucker
"Deux Bateaux" by Mike Ochonicky. Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention
Deux Bateaux
 Mike Ochonicky
"High Cliff #3" by Shirley Nachtrieb. Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention
High Cliff #3
Shirley Nachtrieb
"Oasis: Fly Geyser, Nevada Black Rock Desert" by Michelle Turner. Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention
Oasis: Fly Geyser, Nevada Black Rock Desert
Michelle Turner
"Traveler's Cafe: Mrs Mac's Kitchen, Key Largo, Florida" by Ruth Ann Bauers. Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention 
Traveler's Cafe: Mrs Mac's Kitchen,
Key Largo, Florida

Ruth Ann Bauers
"P.A. Route 944 Revisited" by Lee Walter. Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention
P.A. Route 944 Revisited
Lee Walter

People's Choice Award: "Kilkenny, Ireland at Dusk" by Eileen Hall
People's Choice Award
"Kilkenny, Ireland at Dusk"
 Eileen Hall

 Juror's Statement: 
     Beyond the horizon, Bob Dylan’s song, is a love song full of longing. It has a vintage feel, a kind of nostalgia, like an old faded postcard from a place visited long ago with someone loved. Landscape has, for as long as I have painted it, seemed to connect with ideas of longing, perhaps because the so-called developed world’s disconnect to the land in so many ways. What with our processed food, our obsession with everything electronic (the so called virtual world), a disconnection with weather and seasons, and an almost mass retreat from real community, it is no wonder that landscape, or real places in the world can be thought of nostalgically. It seems that only the people who have either never taken on this “brave new world”, or those who have opted out of some or all of it, are the ones for whom landscape is less about longing, and more about celebration.

     So, I think here we have images to embody many kinds of experience. How one is living their life, where they have traveled, will color their experience of the show. “Beyond the horizon, in Springtime or Fall,” seasons in nature and life affect how we see things.

Dylan, in this song, seems eternally hopeful. His song is hauntingly beautiful. The top prize, Sleeping Bear Dunes, with its velvety tones and romantic wind swept sand and grass, has that kind of beauty. The presentation is right-on, contemporary, with a scale that is large enough to be important, but small enough to stay intimate. The image glows like a Mapplethorpe portrait or flower study.

The second prize, Van Gogh Soars Over The Plains,is exquisitely crafted with lovely simple color, and a deceptively plain humor. It is a very Midwestern image, tongue in cheek in its combination of a painting by Van Gogh (now considered high art), and a homely landscape of the rural Midwest. This landscape is of course a subject Van Gogh might have painted if lived in the Great Plains, as he loved, and lived with, the working class. In this case, however, the control of the media and its cold and straightforward approach is in huge contrast with everything Van Gogh.

Holga images are now very popular, and this is of course a logical response to the potential sterility of digital images. Here the artist combines the two approaches, using a Holga to capture the images, and then processing these digitally. They are presented like a stereoscope with the two images side by side, but these are not the same view. This seems to mirror our experience of bridges as we rarely stay still on them, but are glancing out car windows catching different views each time. The presentation is a sophisticated approach to an overworked theme of utilitarian beauty.

I have very much enjoyed spending time with all of the work both in and out of the show! Being in the company of other artist’s work is a pleasure. I know the time and thought one puts into the work, as an artist and educator, and I do not take it lightly. I want to thank Framations for asking me to jury this show. I am honored.

Eric Shultis
March 13, 2013

About the Juror:
     Eric Shultis is a painter and photographer whose work explores personal history, memory, and gender. He has exhibited his work nationally in galleries and museums including the Illinois State Museum in Chicago and Springfield, Dadian Gallery in Washington D. C., the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Michigan, and the Chicago International Art Expo. His work has been reviewed by N.P.R., the Chicago Tribune, and the New Art Examiner. He has been listed in Art in America's Guide to Galleries, Museums, Artists. Shultis received his M.F.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and his B.F.A. and associate degrees From Kendall College of Art and Design. Shultis has taught at Florissant Valley since 1998.
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