Circle of Eight
Exhibition Dates: September 28 - November 1, 2012

     The Circle of Eight is a group of eight women brought together by artist Natalie Fleming.  Once a month they gather in Natalie's home to paint, share ideas, discuss trends in art, explore new techniques, and enjoy each others company. Their styles are as different as they are but their goals are similar.  They are passionate about their painting and work together to expand their knowledge and  perfect their skills.

The Circle of Eight Artist GroupThis exhibition includes artwork by:
Diana Saffo Bono
Virginia Dragschutz
Jessica Dreyer
Ethel M. Ferrett
Natalie Fleming
Crystal Goldkamp
Annette McGarrahan
Nancy M. Young

Artist Diana Saffo Bono

Diana Saffo Bono: "My artwork is a celebration of life. Creating for me is the exciting interplay of brush, color and soul.   I take my inspiration from nature, my travels, my family, every day living.  I love the process of creating and how a painting takes on a life of it's own."

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Artist Virginia DragschutzVirginia Dragschutz: "I tend to work in series-investgating a theory.technique or just to resolve an issue in my life. I work with  a chosen media and supplies on hand. This method comes to me after years of studies with well known teachers across the country and in Sweden. I am comfortable drifting from one media to another . hopefully to produce the message at hand. Because I believe that-to teach is to learn- I have shared what I have learned with many student over the years."  

Learn more about artist Virginia Dragschutz on her website.
Artist Jessica Dreyer
Jessica Dreyer: "My style mirrors my personality, somewhat quirky, a little intense at times, a light hearted other times, chatty and visual with variations day to day. I always hope the end result when painting will reflect the joy and excitement I feel when connecting "Brush" to "Canvas".

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Artist Ethel M. Ferrett
Ethel M. Ferrett :
Artist Ethel M. Ferrett's love of nature shines thru her paintings. Creating in watercolor allows Ethel to capture the mood of the scenery  thru her light brushstrokes. The beauty and whimsy of the scenes captured give the viewer a sense of peaceful serenity.
Artist Natalie Fleming
Natalie Fleming: "I see beauty and visual interest in many things in the world around me, in the most mundane such as a crack in the sidewalk or the texture in a rock or the more obvious such as the luminescent green in a beattle. To attempt to communicate  the awe and beauty I feel  when looking at  such things is the challenge and excitement when I put paint to paper. In addition to the inspiration of the world around me the media of watercolor lends itself  to lay in experiimentation. some of my paintings are the result of the pure joy of "playing around".

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 Artist Crystal Goldkamp
Crystal Goldkamp: "I am a watercolor artist, inspired to paint by the beautiful landscape and life surrounding me in Defiance MO.--capturing the light I see in life."

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Artist Annette McGarrahan
Annette McGarrahan: "As a lover of all beauty in nature, Annette rejoices in sharing this beauty with others through her watercolor paintings. Although she has taken a few art classes, she is mostly self-taught from books and a lot of practice. She firmly believes that finding the beauty in life can lift the soul."

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Artist Nancy M. Young
Nancy M Young: "My love of color shows through in my work. Working primarily in acrylics and fluid acrylics, my inspiration comes from  both nature and my imagination."

Learn more about artist Nancy M Young on her website.

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