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Exhibition Dates: Sept 1 - Oct 12, 2017


Connections abound in our surroundings is ways that are physical, emotional, spiritual, or symbolic.  They can be found in maps, architecture, a look, or through religion. Here, we asked artists to describe in their art a type of connection that is impactful to them or inspiring in some way.  As a viewer, explore the many meanings through the artwork in the exhibit and find your own connections.

Leonardo da Vinci once said “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else."

The Juried Artists:


Sharon Bauer
Coleen Breen
Ross Clark 
Gloria Henderson
Judi Jennings
John W. Kuntze
Talia Long
Barbara McCormack
Christy Schneller
Christopher Seep

First Place
"Spring Thaw in Yosemeite"
Linda S. Wilmes

Second Place
"Universal Spiral"
Tamara Kulish

Third Place
Barbara McCormack

Peoples Choice Award
and  Honorable Mention
"Haven in the Wilderness"
Sharon Bauer

Honorable Mention
Shirley Nachtrieb

Honorable Mention
"Connections of Faith"
Diana Saffo Bono

Honorable Mention
Jennifer Mishra

Honorable Mention
"Be Still and Know"
Judi Jennings

Honorable Mention
"A New Awakening"
Talia Long


Juror's Statement:

This exhibition featuring CONNECTIONS reveals the personalities and unique talents of the participating artists extremely well. The artistic vision of each artist is on public display. What a diverse and interesting group we are!! Artists LOVE to paint, draw and sculpt! Artists LOVE a wide range of different media. Artists LOVE human and animal portraits, landscapes, floral studies, still-lifes, and architectural renderings. And, artists LOVE all the “isms” -- realism, cubism, impressionism, expressionism, fauvism, symbolism, surrealism, primitivism and the other categories of art including fantasy and abstraction. Artists LOVE for other persons to share in their inspiration and enthusiasm. They invite everyone to “come and see what I have done!”
Congratulations to the artists accepted in this exhibition! Their LOVE FOR ART is obvious in these beautiful works. The diversities of subject matters, media and techniques is wonderful. The show is very interesting to see. When I judge an exhibition, I look for imagination, competent skills, intelligence, and a sense of fulfillment, along with harmony, joy and vitality. I feel the pieces I have selected for recognition embody and exemplify these characteristics the best. They have earned their places on the wall. Congratulations, award winners! Keep up the good work. Our thanks are extended to Framations Art Gallery for receiving and installing this exhibition in their beautiful and well-lighted gallery space. ~ Jerry Thomas
About the Juror:
JERRY THOMAS is a noted award-winning impressionist artist, illustrator, instructor, author, lecturer, conservator, demonstrator and art critic. His career covers more than 50 years. His education is in the liberal arts but he is entirely self-trained in the fine arts. Jerry paints and draws in a wide variety of styles with an emphasis on color and impressionism. He was born in the Missouri Ozarks and now resides in St. Louis County, Missouri, where he maintains his studio. Jerry has exhibited in over 110 personal exhibitions and 35 sponsored shows, and is represented in a great number of fine art collections (corporate, gallery and individual) on five continents.
His work has been presented in general audience before Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. He created the largest collection of paintings and drawings (315 pieces) of the Missouri Botanical Garden (Shaw’s Garden) ever done by an individual artist. He developed many works to raise funds for historic preservation projects, endangered species and other charity causes. Jerry was honored as “Artist Laureate of the Year” by the Saint Louis Watercolor Society.
Jerry Thomas has served as President of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild and worked with many other arts organizations in the St. Louis region. He maintains an intense schedule of shows, seminars, classes, demonstrations, critiques and lectures. This accomplished artist is also quite expert in restoration and cleaning of paintings and prints. Much in demand, he writes instruction manuals and articles for publication.

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