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Duets: Harmony in Color. The Art of Kathleen Barnes and Jane McDowell
Exhibition Dates: June 13 - July 17,  2014


Duets: Harmony in Color
The Art of Kathleen Barnes and Jane McDowell


About Kathleen Barnes:
I delight in color. Flowers are God’s laughter in this world and that laughter is full of color. I am enchanted by the magic of blue and yellow paint becoming a daffodil  leaf or that a dash of violet can become the shadow on that same flower’s yellow petal. The bounty of creation fills me and I am very grateful. My choice of subjects is a search to create a space of peace and beauty. The chaos of everyday living chases me into my flowers and landscapes. The need to live  with and create beauty feeds and soothes my soul. My deepest wish is to share that sense of peace and wonder with the viewer.
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Four Koi Conversation

by Kathleen Barnes

Daffo Experiment

by Kathleen Barnes

About Jane McDowell
Pastel is my medium of choice because of the vivid colors, easy blending, and impressionist flavor.  I was introduced to plein air painting and Michael Clements (recognized  pastel artist, teacher, friend) at the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational in 2012. I was so enthralled that I have been painting en plein aire ever since, both on Maui and in the  Midwest. I am often joined by my dear artist friend, Kathleen Barnes, who has mentored and encouraged me every step of the way. Together we present the art exhibit  entitled DUET!  I pay close attention to patterns, color, and light as well as subject matter in my surroundings. If something delights me or appeals in a visceral way, I do a small sketch to  establish composition. Once the background is laid down, I work fast to capture the light, since it is constantly changing. I utilize this method even when working on a still  life indoors (on those occasional days of inclement weather). I love the spontaneity and energy that can be expressed by working quickly!  
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Dogwood Delight

by Jane McDowell

Ocean Spray

by Jane McDowell

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