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From Start to Not Yet Finished: The Photography of Ron Edwards
Exhibition Dates: November 9- December 13, 2012

    "My Journey in photography began more than sixty years ago. From box camera to 4x5 graphics to 35mm to digital SLR's, I, Like so many others, have lived thru the image revolution of the last half century. I enjoy a variety in subject matter and appreciate greatly the opportunity to express the world as I see thru my lens.
     Two of my immediate family members became blind by their mid seventies due to a genetic condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. So I absorb with great enthusiasm all the beauty and wonder that I can capture and print."  
~ Photographer Ron Edwards


Photographer Ron Edwards 1953     From Start to Not Yet Finished: The Photography of Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards (1953)              Ron Edwards (2012)

About Photographer Ron Edwards:
     Ron Edwards is a life long teacher and nature lover. From the delicate wings of butterflies to the strength symbolized by the American bald eagle, Ron Edwards catalogs what Americana nature provides, and what man has built along the way. Photographing nature and focusing on the simple pleasures, such as the ridges and details of wing feathers and the natural landing pads of butterflies and bees, Edwards shows the world his view from behind his lens: simple and pure.  This perspective most likely comes from over 40 years of teaching children and its impact on his life. 
      As a photographer for over half a century, Ron Edwards has several published works and has won awards for his creative photography. Not only is Ron Edwards an accomplished photographer, but he is also a writer and  singer/songwriter. Ron's musical talents have landed him TV appearances with both Oprah Winfrey and Regis Philbin. His songs have also played on the Dr. Oz Show.  His book of collected poems, Reaching Out, can also be found at all of Ron's events.  See more of Ron's work on his website. 

 "Contentment (Rebel, circa 1953)" by Ron Edwards. Photography.
Circa 1953 
 "Eads Bridge (Circa 1970) by Ron Edwards. Photography.
Circa 1970 
 "Creve Couer Falls (1993) by Ron Edwards. Photography.
Circa 1993
"Ladue Lake - Autumn Mist" (Circa 2000) by Ron Edwards. Photography.
Circa 2000
"The Window" 2012 by Ron Edwards. Photography.
Circa 2012 






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