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Five Friends, Five Voices
Featuring Current work by
Diana Saffo Bono, Jessica R. Dreyer, Crystal Goldkamp, Annette McGarrahan, and Nancy M. Young
July 3 - August 27, 2020


Diana Saffo Bono 

My art is my passion and creating my paintings is as much a part of me as my faith or the color of my eyes. 

When we were in France, we visited a bombed town, frozen in time. It was so moving, I told my husband I need to paint this for others to see. I took many photos and when I was ready to start that painting, I could not do it. 

I need to create artwork that enhances your environment with beauty or a bit of whimsy to make you smile.  Whatever my subject matter, it is brought to life on my canvas with that objective in mind.  It is the driving force behind all my artwork. 

I love to experiment with subject matter, color and texture. My travels inspire me and my paints and brushes are always packed when we travel. 

The subject matter for a new piece determines the medium I use.  My brush strokes are definite and purposeful and I do love working with color. I have also experimented with monochromatic pieces that I found very pleasing and successful. I work in pencil, ink, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and less frequently, oils.  More about Diana here.  


Jessica R. Dreyer

Painting primarily in acrylics and mixed media my paintings take on a life of their own. Years of experience encourage my ability to mix colors and create texture to add depth and interest to my subject matter which varies from realism to abstract to impressionism. I feel I am always learning by enthusiastically stepping out of the box to explore new ways of applying paint to surfaces. I have rekindled the enjoyment of finger painting as a child that resurfaced as an adult giving the true meaning "hands on" and certainly is a direct way to connect my thoughts directly to canvas. Painting is my happy place and I enjoy the satisfaction of a completed work of art created by me but enjoyed by others. In addition to painting photography is another passion. The opportunity to co author a book "St. Charles Then and Now" reflects that passion. Green art became another interest of mine when I was bit by the recycle bug using items to create art that would otherwise end up in a land fill. My first experience with this form of art was introduced to me by Framations and a show they sponsored titled "Recycled". I was honored when three pieces of my art were published in the table top book "Painting Cans the Book". More about Jessica here. 







Crystal Goldkamp 

I know when I look at something and imagine painting it that it's time to get back to art. My life is hectic and full-- I have many interests, and painting often takes a backseat but I find slowing down, observing, painting from life as a means to appreciate, savor, and journal where I am and what I am doing. Often I carry a "To Go Paint Bag" while traveling with family or just visiting our favorite, familiar places in our St. Louis neighborhood, pausing in a shady spot to sketch and paint.


Although I am a trained illustrator I found that I needed to create art for myself and explore watercolor in particular. It is a very expressive, portable medium. I am constantly challenged by it--working to allow the various pigments to run together and blend to create atmosphere, light and mood.  






Annette McGarrahan 

As a lover of the beauty all around us, Annette rejoices in sharing this beauty with others through her watercolor paintings.  Not only does she get to experience this beauty firsthand while working on her art, she is also privileged to be able to pass it on for others to enjoy.

Annette has long admired the transparent, ethereal quality of watercolors.  She has honed her skill by attending many workshops and classes, by reading art books and watching art videos, and by practicing a lot.

 Annette’s style is fairly representational, as she finds it difficult to improve upon God’s creation.  She hopes that the viewers of her work will be reminded of this awesome handiwork and be motivated to go in search of it themselves.  She firmly believes that finding the beauty in life can lift the soul. More about Annette here. 




Nancy M. Young 

I create art as a way of connecting myself to the world, both externally and internally. Whether it’s from exploring the outside world during my travels, or expressing myself purely from my imagination, I have a need to create. My artwork may be inspired by a colorful outdoor market place in Indonesia, or simply by an idea that pops into my head while trying to get to sleep.

Watercolors are my current medium, but I also use acrylics.


My art acts as a way for me to visually record a place, time, or feeling. When I look at a piece that was created, I can remember the breeze fighting with my canvas, the smell of freshly caught fish being cooked over an open flame, the sound of birds not familiar to me, and I am there again.  More about Nancy here. 



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