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Love it All: Tradition and Exploration with Artist Natalie Fleming
Exhibition Dates: June 12 - July 3, 2010

       "Nature is the primary inspiration for most of my work. Sometimes it is a vista; often it is a close up of colorful speckles in a rock, moss or lichen, or an oil slick in a puddle of water. If nothing else, painting has taught me to see and enjoy the world around me like never before. Then there is the joy of painting. When I am really into the act of painting, I am in another world where I am oblivious to everything else but the painting process and what I am looking at – if I am looking at anything at all. In plein air I am inspired by what I am looking at; I can’t replicate it and I don’t try. When I first started to paint, I would have a plan and a clear vision of what I wanted the finished painting to look like. When the painting did not look the way I had envisioned, I felt I had failed. It was only after many years of painting that I finally learned that there often comes a point in the painting when the painting talks to the artist and tells the artist which way it wants to go. My fellow artists think that I am nutty because when I paint plein air, I spend a lot of time looking for just the right spot; then when I set up to paint, I turn my back to the scene I have chosen.

     I also enjoy painting with acrylics and oils and painting abstract and non-objective paintings as well as what is referred to as realistic. An abstract painting is one in which real subject matter is changed by distortion or placed in rationally impossible juxtapositions to suit the artists goals. A non-objective painting is one in which the artists did not try to depict anything real- just used shapes, lines, textures and colors to make a pleasing arrangement. If the viewer wants to read some hidden meaning into a non-objective painting that is fine but not the artist’s intent." ~ Artist Natalie Fleming  ~ Artist Natalie Fleming

 "Dogwood Berries" by artist Natalie Fleming.


"Floral Collage" by artist Natalie Fleming.

"Mountains" by artist Natalie Fleming.
      Artist Natalie Fleming has been exploring the influence of art in both her career and her life for many years. She began at a young age with a love for drawing and painting. She received a scholarship to the Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Art program, where she then transferred to Art Education. She received her BS in Art Education from Edinboro State University and both an MS in Art Education and a MA in Fine Art from Columbia University.  From that point, she taught at all grade levels from Head Start to the University of Maryland for 38 years. She retired early to pursue painting full time. Her work has been displayed at both the Smithsonian and the Baltimore Museum of Art in juried exhibitions. In 1992, Fleming was selected as an exchange artist to Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan, where some of her work is on display in the Museum of Fine Art in Alma-Alta. It is a wonderful occasion to see a true love for nature, from the smallest details in water and rock to the expanse of a mountain range handled with subtle watercolor tones and wonderful knowledge of color. Fleming's work is a pure pleasure. 

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