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Saving Memories one Portrait at a Time: The Art of Sharon Hopper
Exhibition Dates: June 12 - July 3, 2010

     It’s all about the viewer’s reaction.  That’s what artist Sharon Hopper will tell you when you ask her why she paints. The aim isn’t to capture an event, mood or frame of mind... but to capture a moment.  A moment when emotion was pure and magical.  Life is full of events that only happen once. Hopper likes to tell these stories with lines and edges, value and color, rather than words and paragraphs.

     Hopper's oil portraits and figurative paintings are traditional, simple and straight forward.  There are no hidden agendas, deep meaning or abstraction.  Whether it is a portrait or fine art piece, the intention is for the presentation to give just enough information so the viewer can create their own dialogue.  As Hopper's mother says, "I'm not surprised to see strength in this aspect of her paintings, she has been leaving out details and telling “part of the story” since her teenage years!"

     Hopper's path to painting has not been direct.  She meandered through life with commitments to family and career until she came to a point where she could design the curriculum from that point forward.  When the last college tuition was sent off, she began to create her “bucket list.” It included portrait painting, flying, playing piano, sculpting and learning a foreign language.   Although she hasn’t made it to the sculpting and foreign language yet, Sharon will tell you she’s living the dream.  She is an instrumented rated pilot.  She admits to playing piano well enough for her own pleasure and it is her sincerest hope that collaborating with you to capture your moment will create an original, one of a kind painting that will give you, and the generations to come, the pleasure of keeping the story alive.
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"Fandango in Motion" by artist Sharon Hopper.     "Mommy and Me" by artist Sharon Hopper.     "Large Bonsai" by artist Sharon Hopper.


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