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"Lions & Tigers & Puppy Mills...Oh My!"
Misery In Missouri Art Exhibition 2009

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

A touring art exhibition raising awareness about Missouri Animal Legislation.
Presented by Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation.


Exhibition Venues: (View photos from the venues)
Kansas City Pet Expo at American Royal Center, Kansas City, MO (April 18-19, 2009)
State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO (April 21, 2009)
Dunklin Street Gallery, Jefferson City, MO (April 21-May 2, 2009)
Framations Art Gallery, St Charles, MO (July 5 - July 30, 2009)
The Art Center Gallery, Washington, MO (July 31 - August 22, 2009)
Framations Art Gallery, St Charles, MO (Aug 25 - Sept 6, 2009)
St Charles Fashion Expo, St Charles, MO (Sept 19-20, 2009) 

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About the Exhibition: 

      The goal   of the “Lions & Tigers & Puppy Mills...Oh My! : Misery in Missouri 2009”  art is to shed light on current animal welfare legislation in the state of Missouri through a visual means. Following the success of the “Puppies are Biodegradable“ & “Misery in Missouri 2008” art exhibitions to educate Missourians on the puppy mill problem that faces Missouri, the Alliance in conjunction with Framations Art Gallery decided to continue this outreach program for animal welfare and spotlight animal welfare issues each year as the exhibit tours the state. 
  Missouri, already branded the "Puppy Mill Capital of the United States", is now fast approaching claiming the title of the "Exotic Capital", due to the scarce amount of legislation currently regarding exotic animals. This show consists of original artwork created especially in support of the cause of animal welfare shedding light on current legislation affecting Missouri animals . The range of artists reflects the diversity of art practices, and unites them into one theme: They give voice to the thousands of Missouri animals who cannot speak for themselves.  Artist statements accompany each piece and add another dimension to this provocative and compelling exhibit. 
      Presented by the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation in conjunction with Framations Art Gallery, all proceeds donated directly benefit the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation,  to help enact laws in the state of Missouri to end & prevent such miseries from occuring in Missouri. 50% of all "Misery in Missouri" art sales will be donated to the Missouri  Alliance. The 50% balance goes directly to the artist. So when you purchase artwork from the exhibit, not only are you supporting the work of the Alliance, but also local artists in Missouri! 
       It is the great shame of our state that so many animals in Missouri live their entire life in misery.  The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation seeks to provide access, education and awareness to foster change, and bring to an end the suffering of thousands of animals.

(See current animal welfare legislation pending in Missouri.)

"On Our Way to A Better Day" by Ken Farris

 "On Our Way to A Better Day" by Ken Farris $400 (Juried 1st Place)

Artist Statement: "If Missouri animals could walk down the yellow brick road & ask for one wish to be granted, I know it would be for an end to their suffering with more humane laws. They would ask our legislators to let them live their lives without fear & under humane conditions. I'm sure they would love to see a day when rescue organizations were no longer necessary in our society. Thru peaceful legislation, I know that this dream can become a reality. If Lions & Tigers & Dogs & puppies could, I know that they would join with us in these lobbying efforts. As concerned citizens about animal welfare, it is not only our responsibility but also our duty as caretakers of this planet to see to it that only better days are ahead for these animals."
Created in Acrylic by Artist Ken Farris of St Charles, MO

"Eyes See You" by Carolyn Schlueter

"Eyes See You" by Carolyn Schlueter $250 (Juried Top 10)

Artist Statement: "T.J. and several other tigers are among the lucky ones who reside at the National Tiger Sanctuary outside Bloomsdale, Missouri. The Sanctuary just took in a rescued mountain lion from a puppy mill in Seneca, MO ... oh my ... they also rescued two more tigers, both from the St. Louis area. Exotic animals need the freedom and care that a zoo or reputable facility such as the National Tiger Sanctuary can give them ... NOT being housed 24/7 in a 6-foot square wire cage in someone's back yard, in a puppy mill or other horrific conditions. They could endanger the entire area's population should they get loose. A carnivore is and always will be a carnivore no matter how "socialized" they are when an opportunity arises. Channel 4 did an undercover story of the Lolli Bros. Livestock Auction in Macon, MO. (You can see the live video link on the MAAL website.) There were vehicles in the parking lot from 36 states and Mexico. Oh my ... it was truly heartbreaking to watch that video and see the stressed camel and other animals being sold to the highest bidder to live out the rest of their lives who knows where and under what circumstances. MAAL and Sen. Tom Dempsey and Rep. Mike Sutherland support introduction of Senate Bill SB 227 (Dangerous Animal Registration) and House Bill HB 426 (Large Carnivore Regulation) in hopes of discouraging less reputable owners from mistreating these magnificent creatures and making the laws more stringent."
Photography by Artist Carolyn Schlueter of St Charles, MO

"Spanky" by Melanie Coy

 "Spanky" by Melanie Coy $125 (Juried Top 10)

Artist Statement: "This photo of "Spanky" was taken during the seizure of 10 dogs from a residence in Cape Girardeau County, 09/27/08. This is what I saw when I first walked into the clearing where seven of these dogs were chained to trees. There were three four-month old puppies housed together in what could only be described as a rabbit hutch. I believe this photo puts a face on the need for tougher abuse/neglect laws in the state of Missouri."
Photography by Melanie Coy of Cape Girardeau, MO

"Protection or Abuse I" by Diana Saffo Bono

 "Protection or Abuse I" by Diana Saffo Bono $500 (Juried Top 10)

 Artist Statement: "When I became involved with the Alliance a few years ago, I realized I needed to become better educated regarding the plight of animals in our state. The more I learned, the more heartsick I became, thinking of the abuse we inflict on animals, large or small. For some it happens due to apathy or ignorance, for others it is unabashed cruelty, but for many I think we simply make the wrong choices. Being part of this exhibit allows me to use my artistic abilities to encourage others to do a bit of soul searching while becoming more aware of what is happening all around us. It is especially hard in this economic environment to look past our own circumstances. These are stressful times for many. But even in these difficult times, and perhaps because of them, we need to think about the choices we make. We choose our friends, our doctors, our churches. We choose more carefully how and when we spend our money. We choose our legislators. Perhaps now is the time that we, the people of Missouri, choose to make our voices heard? But we must be aware of what is happening in our state in order to effect change. In our state we allow the importing of exotic animals. Are most of us even aware that this is happening and to such an extent? In our state we still have dog fights. Although we are aware of this abhorrent practice, why does this continue? By now, most of us, as well as the rest of the country, are aware of Missouri's ranking and involvement with Puppy Mills. Why does this continue? Read more. Become more aware. Contact your legislators. Let them know that these issues need to be addressed; this mistreatment and abuse of animals does matter. These are important issues and we want change. All animals are deserving of compassionate care and respect. In my opinion, how we treat animals reflects on who we are as human beings and how we value all life. Do we choose protection through our legislation for animals exotic or otherwise, or do we allow the many faces of abuse to continue? By no choice and no voice, we support what is."
Created in Acrylic & Collage by Artist Diana Saffo Bono of Lake St Louis, MO

"One's Heart Can Be Measured By Their Treatment of Animals" by Jill Flinn

"One's Heart Can Be Measured By Their Treatment of Animals" by Jill Flinn $495  (Juried Top 10)

 Artist Statement: "Whether exotic or domestic, when animals find themselves in the darkest of circumstances, while in the hands of uncaring humans, who will help? Some will close their eyes to the situation; others will leave it to someone else. But the answer to the question is: Those with big, empathetic hearts will do all they can to help. This piece is dedicated to all those who educate, advocate, lobby and legislate on behalf of these voiceless creatures in need. Albert Schweitzer said, "Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight." As an artist and animal rescuer, my art has always been inspired by animals in need, and the proceeds from the art go to help fund animals we have rescued as well as causes that benefit other animals. Currently we have 26 dogs at our no-kill shelter, all funded with my art work."
Created in Mixed Media (paperclay, acrylics) by Artist Jill Flinn of Glasgow, MO

"Longing" by Suzanne Lowry

 "Longing" by Suzanne Lowry $125 (8x10 print $20ea) (Juried Top 10)

 Artist's statement: "The Belleville News Democrat recently ran an article that revealed the way that the Missouri puppy mill problem has spilled into neighboring states. A no kill nonprofit kennel in O'Fallon, Illinois, was seeking people to adopt 37 dogs who were the overflow from a Missouri rescue shelter which had already accepted more dogs from a puppy mill than they could house. Many were in poor health and had sores on their feet from walking on chicken wire. Most had been bred for Christmas sales that did not materialize. Some required extensive veterinary care. All were scheduled for destruction. My granddaughter's weekly trips to the pet store to "see puppies" have begun to take on a more somber tone, as I wonder where these little animals originated. Obviously accustomed to walking on wire-bottom cages with little human contact, most are usually sleeping as though they have been tranquilized. The look of longing on the face of this puppy was heartbreaking, as though he had given up hope. The adoption fee for the shelter dogs was $150 to $200, less if they had not required extensive veterinary treatment. The pet shop was charging upwards of $500. It is difficult to understand why more people do not adopt. There are just way too many puppies to go around. Pet shops would buy from reputable breeders, if effective legislation forced the puppy mills out of business."
Photography by Artist Suzanne Lowry of Swansea, IL

"Be Stilll My Heart Hector" by Stephanie Hulsey

"Be Stilll My Heart Hector" Stephanie Hulsey SOLD (Juried Top 10)

 Artist Statement: "A true joy for an animal lover was to meet Hector, one of the pit bulls removed from the Virginia property of Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick, in April 2007. An adorable mass of muscle and heart, complete with his missing teeth, a chunk out of his tongue, and the spider-web of scars across his chest, Hector was a big baby, eating up the attention of the people around him. The frame I have chosen is an antique frame, showing its age and scars. A guest at the MAALs Lobby Day in January 2009, Hector won the hearts of those who saw him, petted him, and paused for a photo with him. As you walked through the State Capitol, the chatter of "did you see that pit bull?" echoed down the halls and brought light to the need for improved dog fighting legislation in Missouri. Two House Bills and two Senate Bills that will bring stronger penalties to those practicing in and spectators at dog fights have been introduced in the 2009 Missouri Legislative Session."
Created using manipulated digital photography by Artist Stephanie Hulsey of Washington, MO

"Final Sale on this Item" A. Wilson

"Final Sale on this Item" by A. Wilson $85  (Juried Top 10)

Artist Statement: "An animal should not treated as an item, but as a living being that deserve humane treatment. Missouri is fast becoming the ‘Exotic Animal Capital of the United States' due to the lack of legislation regarding dangerous exotic animals in our state. Having better laws that require liability insurance, standards of care, micro-chipping, & registry of these animals with both the Department of Agriculture & law enforcement would discourage less reputable owners from mistreating these magnificent animals. The Dangerous Exotic Registry will not only help protect Missouri's exotic animals, but also help protect law enforcement & the public. Missouri, unfortunately, claims the title of the ‘Puppy Mill Capital of the US'. It would be an even greater tragedy if we added exotics to that title."
Created in mixed media by Artist A.Wilson of Florissant, MO

"Tigers Are Not Toys" by Ron Odenthal

"Tigers Are Not Toys" by Ron Odenthal $200  (Juried Top 10)

 Artist Statement: "Sure a baby tiger seems cute and fun and wouldn't you like to run into one in a public place. Sounds like fun. Except for the tiger. How far can we take them away from where they belong before we think its wrong? Tigers are not toys."
Created using digital photography printed on archival paper (9.6"x12.8") by Artist Ron Odenthal of St Louis, MO

"In My Dreams" by Artist Nancy M. Young

"In My Dreams" by Artist Nancy M. Young  (Juried Top 10)

 Why are you looking at me? You glance in my direction, then walk away. I pace this spot  all day, making a well worn path to nowhere, longing to be back in the wild where I belong. Only in my dreams am I free to roam and climb wherever I want to go. Only in my dreams can I live side by side with all the magnificent creatures that long ago lived together in the natural realm. Only in my dreams I remember my cubs happily playing in the lush green surroundings. But then I open my eyes and see the chains that surround me.
You can break the chain.  You can open your eyes and hearts and really see what is happening to helpless creatures like me.
You can break the chain. You can work to support legislation that protects all animals.
You can break the chain.
Artist Nancy M. Young  of Lake St Louis, MO

"No More...Please" by Carolyn Schlueter

"No More...Please" by Carolyn Schlueter $250

Artist Statement: "One's not bad ... ten's sad." Lions and tigers and bears .... oh my. It's raining cats and dogs. We need a healthy neutering and spaying umbrella. MAAL and Senator Joan Bray are working hard to introduce legislation via Bill SB 186, Healthy Pet Act, in the puppy mill capital of the Midwest that will better the lives of animals and stop legislation detrimental to animal welfare. YOU can make a difference in the overpopulation of pets in Missouri ... spay and neuter. Too many puppies and kittens ... no matter how cute they are ... can lead to homeless and abandoned animals in need of care and shelter. Be kind ... spay and neuter your scooter!"
Photography by Artist Carolyn Schlueter of St Charles, MO

"Moral Progress" by Serena Boschert

"Moral Progress" by Serena Boschert SOLD

Artist Statement: "Moral Progress" represents wonderful dogs that can be adopted from a healthy, humanely-run animal shelter. These dogs will show their owners unconditional love, companionship, and fidelity and will reflect what constitutes our beliefs of a humane society."
Ceramic created by Artist Serena Boschert of St Charles, MO

"Tiger Looking Content" by Marian Brickner

 "Tiger Looking Content" by Marian Brickner $280

Artist Statement: "Even though it sounds philosophically immature to say this, it is my overriding urgent wish, as a photographer, to show that everything that is alive is actually an individual with a life, no matter what body she or he occupies. Here is Sheena, a nine year old tiger, now living at the National Tiger Sanctuary . She is shown here approximately 5 weeks after being rescued from a horrible situation. She has gained weight and is looking good. When I showed up with my camera and sat quietly about two feet from her enclosure for about 45 minutes, she looked at me and seemed uncertain about what I was doing. However, she quickly became curious, looking at me and almost smiling it seemed. Then yawning contentedly, she settled down for her picture. Why does congress allow for the languishing of an individual who does not speak our language? Please do something."
Photography by Artist Marian Brickner of St Louis, MO

"Be Their Voice" by Corey A Brown

"Be Their Voice" by Corey A Brown $300

Artist Statement: "Be their voice. Dogs have no way of speaking up for themselves, and that is why we must voice our opinions against the inhumane treatment and unethical breeding of dogs. Through my artwork, I hope to reach audiences and display the many amazing characteristics that dogs have to offer us, and show why they should be valued and protected. The pug and the golden retriever are so different in looks and personality, but they both, along with all breeds, have so much to offer as companions. We must value every breed and fight to protect it. We are literally the only voice they have, so let's use it for them."
Digital Graphics by Artist Corey A Brown of Springfield, MO

"Only You Can Stop the Fight" Corey A Brown

"Only You Can Stop the Fight" Corey A Brown $300

Artist Statement: "Only you can stop the fight. A good dog listens to it's owner. A good dog follows commands for rewards. A good dog is provided food, water and shelter. A good dog has social interaction. A good dog gets exercise. A good dog protects itself and it's family. When you take away the necessities that make up a "good" dog, you have the motivation to create a "bad" one. Dogs that fight are not "bad" dogs, they are simply victims of bad owners. Help stop the fight and save dogs from this terrible life. Take a stand for all dogs being mistreated and forced into aggression for the sport of it. Only you can stop the fight."
Digital Graphics by Artist Corey A Brown of Springfield, MO

"All Sales Final" by A.Wilson

"All Sales Final" by A.Wilson SOLD

Artist Statement: "Animals sold for profit in substandard breeding facilities are usually treated no differently than a piece of corn in the commodities markets. The purchasers of these animals have little to no recourse when the pet they have purchased as a ‘Final Sale' is inherently sick or dies from inbred genetic disorders. The dogs kept as breeding mothers, have a finality of their own... as they will ultimately be discarded when no longer useful after a lifetime of inhumane living conditions. My hope is that through legislation, substandard breeding facilities are finally shut down & these animals will no longer be treated inhumanely."
Created using mixed media & collage by Artist A.Wilson of Florissant, MO

"There's NO Place like home..." by Sena Carroz

"There's NO Place like home..." by Sena Carroz $95

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's NO place like home! Puppy mills only turn out Cruelty....Plain and simple. Our pets deserve better. They deserve a good home."
Created in Pen & Ink by Artist Sena Carroz of New London, MO

"Pampered -Not Punished" by Janice Coffman

"Pampered -Not Punished" by Janice Coffman $275

Artist Statement: "After being fed by the zoo keepers, this protected tiger was ready to yawn and take a nap rather than give a magnificent roar for my photograph. I like to think that maybe he really wants to scream to us to protect the mistreated tigers and the public safety by not allowing any direct contact between dangerous wild animals and the public. He just wants to take a nap, and he is allowed to do that. Required registration of large carnivores such as lions and tigers, as well as a reliable ID device such as a microchip would also help to protect public safety. Perhaps these things would help shield other tigers from irritation and allow them an afternoon nap and little pampering as well."
Photography by Artist Janice L Coffman of Columbia, MO

"Forget Me Not" by Ann Combs

"Forget Me Not" by Ann Combs $150

Artist Statement: "This sad puppy, and so many like him, need rescuing from awful conditions of Missouri puppy mills. Nameless, but hopeful that one day he might get to run outside and chase butterflies. Longing for the day that he might feel the warmth of the sunshine on his shaggy coat and maybe find a loving home before it's too late."
Created on Acrylic on canvas by Artist Ann Combs of St Peters, MO

"Savior" by Mollie Chounard

"Savior" by Mollie Chounard $400

Artist Statement: "I made this piece to create a hero for this cause. A hero that embodies purity, faith, strength, conviction and hope. "The Savior" an arch angel is depicted ready to go forth into battle and fight on the side of good. With righteousness and light he will rid the world of greed alongside the souls of his fallen brethren. Notice that they surround him, fortifying him and lending him strength so that he will surely succeed."
Created in Pen & Ink on Bristol by Artist: Mollie Chounard of St Peters, MO

"Lucky" by Jessica Dreyer

"Lucky" by Jessica Dreyer $250

Artist Statement: "Lucky is a female golden retriever rescued from a Missouri puppy mill after years of breeding and countless large litters of puppies. She was nursed back to health by her loving adoptive parents. But I question the plight of her puppies. The faded paw prints represent all the puppies she had that did not make it. These puppies either succumbed to disease, inbreeding, or the overall poor conditions they had to endure in their short little lives. The darker more prominent paw prints represent her puppies that did survive, but where are those puppies now? Were some of them brought into the endless circle of abuse & breeding to replace the old puppy mill breeding dogs? Were they sold to unsuspecting owners who wonder why their new little puppy is flea or parasite-infested or why they are having kidney or liver problems at such a young age or why their hair is falling out or they have gone blind or deaf?"
Created in mixed media by Artist Jessica Dreyer of St Charles, MO

"Mars" by Stephen Eidson

"Mars" by Stephen Eidson $2000

Artist Statement: "We purchased Mars as a purebreed, but not registered, because he had too much white on his chest area. He probably would have been put down otherwise. The painting was inspired by the strong directional lighting and the noble pose he displayed. Pets are subject to our control over them. They remain good natured and loyal even when subjected to sub standard care. The responsibility for their comfort and welfare is in our hands, and they will reward us richly, with their devotion and trust, for our humane stewardship."
Created in Oil by Artist Stephen Eidson of Roach, MO

"Desperation" by Jennica Abrams

 "Desperation" by Jennica Abrams SOLD

Artist Statement: "I went to an animal shelter for this picture, and as soon as I stepped in the room, the dogs went crazy with excitement. The animals looked so depressed and desperate for attention."
Digital photography by Artist Jennica Abrams of Olivette, MO

"Waiting" by Stephen Eidson of Roach, MO

"Waiting" by Stephen Eidson of Roach, MO $250

Artist Statement: "I chose to use charcoal to capture the expectant look of a dog waiting for the return of his owner. No matter what your day was like, he is always glad to show you how much he's missed you. Waiting also for us to reward the devotion of our pets for us by committing ourselves to provide for their humane treatment and care."
Created in Charcoal by Stephen Eidson of Roach, MO

"End Puppy Mills" by Jill Flinn of Glasgow

"End Puppy Mills" by Jill Flinn of Glasgow $60

"This series of photos includes just a few of the many dogs we have rescued. Once we get their health restored, their 'inner puppy ' can emerge. Several times we've rescued abandoned, pregnant dogs who are days away from having their litters. They all get their second chance at a good life, in a good forever home. Sadly, this is not so for those dogs in puppy mills.
There is a puppy mill near us. It can be seen from the highway. At first they had rows of kennels jammed together, full of dogs. A week later, a tall, solid fence was wrapped completely around the place, concealing what would obviously generate complaints. But it also keeps the breezes from cooling these creatures on a hot summer day. It is heartbreaking to think that these creatures who give unconditional love so freely cannot be freed from this inhumane practice. If you truly love dogs, you'll never buy one."

Photography by Jill Flinn of Glasgow, MO 

"Rosie" Visionworks Marketing & Communications

"Rosie" Visionworks Marketing & Communications $175

Artist Statement: "Rosie came to the photo shoot ready for her close-up! This big, lovable Rottweiler would rather give you a big, wet kiss than be forced into a ring to fight with other desperate dogs, sometimes to the death! Rosie is a lover, not a fighter. Legislation that supports the welfare of seized animals victimized by dog fighting would be a welcome step forward for Rosie and other dog breeds like hers."
Created by Visionworks Marketing & Communications of Columbia, MO

"Zimm" Visionworks Marketing & Communications

"Zimm" Visionworks Marketing & Communications $175

Artist Statement: "This regal Blue Merle Australian Shepherd mix is Zimm. He was photographed for a display promoting the Central Missouri Humane Society and is just one of millions of beautiful animals needing someone to share their love. The vast majority of dogs sold to pet shops come from overcrowded, filthy puppy mills, many located right here in Missouri. If you're thinking about adopting a loving pet like Zimm, consider your local animal shelter."
Photography by Visionworks Marketing & Communications of Columbia, MO

"I Woke up in a Puppy Mill Today" by Stephanie Hulsey

"I Woke up in a Puppy Mill Today" by Stephanie Hulsey

SOLD Artist Statement: "Hundreds to thousands of pure breed dogs used as breeding machines, so dirty and unkempt that they, as individuals are unrecognizable, are living in horrid, torturous conditions throughout the state of Missouri. These animals are hidden from the public and viewed only as a source of income to their owners. The price the animals pay is inhumane treatment – overcrowding, no medical treatment, no human companionship, lack of proper shelter and nutrition. The poem expresses the pain and suffering of these animals and finally the joy in the rescue from the puppy mill, the care of kind humans, and the gift of a forever home. The pale color of the caged dog shows its bleak life while in the puppy mill. The more vivid colors in the other painting show the life and spirit in these animals throughout their journey."
Created in watercolor with original Poetry by Artist Stephanie Hulsey of Washington, MO

"Before & After" by Phil Kline

"Before" by Phil Kline $50

Artist Statement: "Frankie and Natasha, pit bull pups, were found abandoned at a Kansas City Chiefs game. A kind family picked them up and brought them to a local shelter. There they were told that the pups were malnourished and suffering from "stress mange", and that they would be euthanized. They were referred to MABBR. Madelyn and I became their foster parents. Subsequently I picked Bully Porter a young, in tact, male running loose as he was trying to cross four lanes of traffic on Southwest Boulevard near the Boulevard Brewing company. Porter had old and recently tended scars on his neck and ears. He was also very thin. These are our foster dogs. This was shot shortly after we got the pups. We don't see this weary, forlorn sort of expression from Natasha much anymore. You can see the hair loss from the mange. Natasha (center), Frankie (right), Minty, our Shar-Pai- Shepherd mix (left)."

"After" by Phil Kline $50

Artist Statement: "The warm security of a loving home where a pit bull is a beloved family pet first and a bulldog second. Natasha, front, Frankie, back." 

 Photography by Artist Phil Kline (Mid America Bully Breed Rescue, Kansas City Dog Advocates) of Kansas City, MO


"Portrait of Bonnie" Linda Green-Metzler & Eric Metzler

"Portrait of Bonnie" Linda Green-Metzler & Eric Metzler $150

 Artist Statement: "This portrait of Bonnie, our fourteen-year old beagle mix dog, was created to grace our annual Christmas card. Each year she has appeared with Bucky, our first beagle, and then solo after his long life ended, to cheer friends and relatives and remind them what joy a beloved pet can bring to a family. Bonnie was fortunate. She was rescued by a group of big-hearted high school teenagers on a camping trip to the Black River in 1997. A campground owner had not neutered his purebred female beagle. When she delivered her pups, the owner didn't want them and told the campers he was going to drown them in the nearby river. Good scouts that they were, the boys and girls said, "no, you're not", and brought all six of the pups back to St. Louis to find them homes. The kids responsibly contacted the local vet to help find homes for the very sweet, perfectly healthy animals. We were fortunate. As known beagle lovers, we were one of the first families the vet contacted for a home. Bonnie became a treasured member of our family and is aging gracefully due to years of love and excellent veterinary care. You may not be able to legislate this kind of responsibility toward our fellow creatures, but you can educate the young to do the right thing, as this story proves. Education and legislation go hand in hand to create a better world for creatures great and small."
Created in watercolor by Artist Linda J. Green-Metzler and Eric Metzler (Co-owners of Bonnie) of Chesterfield, MO

"Sheena" by Becky Millinger

"Sheena" by Becky Millinger $350

Artist Statement: "I began painting full time in 2006 when I first moved to Ste. Genevieve and became acquainted with the National Tiger Sanctuary in Bloomsdale. I was so impressed after meeting the tigers that I began painting them and donating proceeds of my sales to the Sanctuary. My love for cats began earlier than I have memory, but I am amazed at how much tigers are like my own house cats. They are smart, funny and always thinking. I try to capture the essence of who the tigers are in my work: their beauty, their independence, and their individuality. I am drawn to the work that NTS is doing because I believe it is wrong to exploit these magnificent animals. Backyard ownership of large cats is often misguided in the thinking that the tigers are being "saved". I have many painting interests, but painting the tigers is my joy. This painting is of Sheena, a 9 year old tiger who was recently rescued from a puppy mill in Springfield, Missouri. Sheena has been declawed and her health was very poor when she came to the sanctuary. I hope that my work will help people see that tigers don't make good pets and suffer when we try to make them so."
Created in Watercolor & Gouache by Artist Becky Millinger of St Genevieve, MO

"Invest in Something that will love you back." by Samuel Iam Mills

"Invest in Something that will love you back."  by Samuel Iam Mills SOLD

Artist Statement: "I have loved dogs all my life. I can't stand when they are mistreated and abused. I especially don't like it when dogs get put down because some lazy slob doesn't want to take care of them. Why don't you invest in something that can love you back? Why waste your money on cloths or jewelry that you already have. A dog can give you unconditional love and is always there for you. I don't know about you but I'd much rather have a dog. It will love me and I can spend time with it. I also can build a relationship with a dog. That is why I named this artwork "Invest in Something that will love you back."
Created using watercolor by Artist Samuel Ian Mills of St Charles, MO

"Puppy Hunter" by Mary Sue Moslanka

 "Puppy Hunter" by Mary Sue Moslanka $275

Artist Statement: "Many years ago, I went to a puppy mill in New Iberia (unbeknownst to me that is was a puppy mill). I had thought I was going to a nice family farm that sold Australian Blue Heelers. I was appalled at the sight of the dogs chained to little stumps in this huge yard of mass amounts of dogs. The owners claimed that the two dogs I bought had papers, which they did, but I really didn't care about that. All I could think of was saving these dogs from these horrible living conditions. I had never seen anything like this before. Twenty five years have passed, yet this experience haunts me to this day. Now, when I hear about puppy mills raided, it all comes flying back to me."
Created in Pastel by Artist Mary Sue Moslanka of Brentwood, MO

"Dogs Behind Bars" by Vicki Odenthal

 "Dogs Behind Bars" by Vicki Odenthal $100

Artist Statement: "Puppy mills in Missouri are not businesses that result in anything positive for the animals. The breeds are mass-produced according to their popularity. If pet stores which buy from mills are boycotted, the demand would disintegrate. Dogs should be purchased from reputable breeders or adopted from shelters."
Created using Drawing, Graphite, Prismacolor colored pencils, & acrylic paint by Artist Vicki Odenthal of St Louis, MO

"Begging the Question" Jennica Abrams

"Begging the Question" Jennica Abrams SOLD

Artist Statement: "This piece also came to be at an animal shelter. The dogs just seemed to be asking me to take me home with their eyes, and it just broke my heart when they would put their paws up beneath the bars."
Digital photography by Artist Jennica Abrams of Olivette, MO

"Puppy Smiles Not Mills" by Larissa Rook

"Puppy Smiles Not Mills" by Larissa Rook $150

Artist Statement: "All puppies are born beautiful. There is something almost contagious about the smile of a puppy, no matter if they are pure-bred or not. This photo is of a beagle-mix puppy. He is happy because he was born in a clean, safe environment. He wants all puppies to be happy. But unfortunately, puppies born to puppy mills often do not get the chance. Puppy mill dogs are subject to horrific conditions. Please do not support puppy mills. Adopt a stray or a pup from a reputable breeder. And promote puppy smiles, not mills."
Photography by Artist Larissa Rook of Belgrade, MO

"Tears of a Red Dog" by Larissa Rook

"Tears of a Red Dog" by Larissa Rook $150

Artist Statement: "This photo is of a stray pure-bred lemon beagle shortly after she was rescued. There is a good chance that she originally came from one of Missouri's notorious puppy mills. She was born with a defect that left her unable to breed. To a puppy mill, this would be a very unwanted trait. Many defective dogs are culled. Luckily she found her way to a truck-stop along Highway 44 where my husband saw her. She jumped into the car and into our hearts. My sister-in-law adopted her and she has been a part of the family ever since. This is not the outcome for most stray or puppy mill dogs. Shelters are full of purebred dogs that people have adopted and given away after the novelty wears off. Please do not support puppy mills. Adopt a stray or a pup from a reputable breeder."
Photography by Artist Larissa Rook of Belgrade, MO

"Hide & Sneak" by Tom Skeen

"Hide & Sneak" by Tom Skeen $180

Artist Statement: "Baby tigers are absolutely adorable, so adorable that many people think they'll make great pets. The problem is that baby tigers grow up and adult tigers can be dangerous without proper housing & containment. How I hate to see these beautiful animals confined to tiny cages. What kind of life is that for such a regal species? Please support the Dangerous Animal Registration bill. This bill will help deter less reputable owners from mistreating animals meant for the open wilds."
Photography by Artist Tom Skeen of St Peters, MO

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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. -Immanual Kent 

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