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Moncivais Art: Mandala Art by Barbara Moncivais
Exhibition Dates: June 14 - July 18, 2013

      I have always been interested in art, however, it was not until I worked towards my Psychology Degree and minored in art that I actually took any art classes. When my youngest daughter was in first grade, I volunteered to teach her art class. I started an art/craft business cutting animated figures out of wood and painting them. I created, painted and sold children’s wall plaques for eleven years. I started as a vendor in arts and crafts shows from 1973 to 1984; throughout Texas. Eventually I started selling my plaques, grow charts, mobiles, etc. to stores and opened the market via a sales rep in five states. Now, I cannot remember a time when I was not creating some form of art from acrylic paintings, watercolors, pen and ink paintings, quilts, ribbon bookmarks, and now mandalas.
      I was introduced to mandalas during my first year at Southwestern College; working towards an MA in Art Therapy/Counseling.  Mandala’s are thousands of years old and used by many religions. Tthe mandala began its journey in the Sanskrit world. The Sanskrit translates “mandala” to the English “circle”; hence you will always find a circular pattern within any type of mandala.  I find the mandala as a way to tap into the psyche.
     I use the mandala both for individual growth and grounding as well as in groups and with individual clients.  The mandala offers an increased understanding of the transformational experience from both a spiritual and psychological prospective.  Each mandala gives an energy for both the creater and observer.  When a person is drawn to a mandala, it most likely is giving off an energy that the viewer wants, needs, or simply attracts.
~Barbara Moncivais

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"Soul Trees" mandela by Barbara Moncivais. Acrylic on Canvas.
Soul Trees
Mandela by Barbara Moncivais
Acrylic on Canvas
"Centered Swirls" Mandela by Barbara Moncivais. Pen and ink on acrylic paper. $85.00
Centered Swirls
  Mandela by Barbara Moncivais
Pen and ink on acrylic paper. 
"In-Twined" mandela by Barbara Moncivais. Acrylic on Canvas.
Mandela by Barbara Moncivais
Acrylic on Canvas 




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