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Passage of Time
Exhibition Dates: July 24 - Aug 27, 2015

An all media juried art exhibition
focusing on the passage of time.

James Taylor once sang "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." In this exhibit, the focus is on work that displays in one way or another the passage of time. Perhaps the focus is on the age of a person, a dilapidated home or other aged structure, a plant past its prime, or abandoned objects. Artists were encouraged to explore the topic and interpret as they choose.



Passage of Time



    The Juried Artists    
Sandy Baker Katherine Ehlmann Gloria Henderson Vicki S. Overman Helen Scheipeter Carolyn Uhley
Ruth Ann Bauers Marcia Gay Jan Hager Klein Nancy Quertermous Nora Schomogy  Shawn White
Kim Berkley David K. Gleeson, Sr. Suzanne Lowry Ginger Repke Joyce Sheldon Linda Wilmes
Madeline B.Carter Jonathan Golden Michael Meinhold Judith Repke Marty Spears Philip Wilson
Christine Casten Kathy Gomric  Shirley Nachtrieb Richard Schallert Michelle Turner Barbara Zucker
Patrick Clark          


First Place

South of New Minden
Philip Wilson

Second Place

Kathy Gomric

Third Place

Timeless Beauty
Shirley Nachtrieb

People's Choice Award

Distant Rabbit Leaping over Log
David Gleeson, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Papa's Hands
Kim Berkley

Honorable Mention
Frozen in Time
Suzanne Lowry

Honorable Mention
A Moment in Time
Vicki Overman

Honorable Mention
119 Years
Ginger Repke

Honorable Mention
Lessons Learned
Vicki Overman

Honorable Mention
Seasons of Life:
A Time to be Middle Aged

Nora Schomogy

Juror's Statement:

    First, I'd like to thank all the artists that WEREN"T selected. Although I tried to be as objective as possible, a juror's job is impossibly subjective when selecting artwork. Perhaps your work didn't meet the qualifications for this exhibit, but that doesn't mean that it is not a valid, yet beautiful, artwork. Continue making art YOU enjoy. Next, to all the fine artists in the "Passage Of Time' Exhibition, Congratulations! Your skill and hard work is evident and your narratives speak of a shared time and place. You make me proud to be among your peers.

 All the best, 
 Tim Liddy



Juror: Tim Liddy was born in Dearborn, Michigan and received his Bachelor of Art from the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit. After receiving his Master of Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, Tim has exhibited his work throughout the United States and is represented by galleries in New York, San Francisco, Tulsa, and Chicago among other states.

Tim Liddy’s painted constructions so closely resemble their board game inspirations that many viewers walk right past, thinking they must be found objects. Liddy relishes the confusion. The works are actually elaborately enameled copper sculptures, each seemingly printed word and every abraded strip of masking tape made by the artist.

Once you’ve discovered the truth, you are caught up in the astonishing detail and verisimilitude, and you’re drawn in to investigate more closely. Within the recognizable format of a mid-twentieth-century game box are surprising elements that are often at odds with the traditional object. Liddy inserts wry commentary on mid-century social mores into this comfortably recognizable context. The fact that the boxes seem to be held together tenuously by tape suggests the rapidly eroding conventions of an earlier era.


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