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Portals: The Photograghy of Garry Rose
Exhibition Dates: May 3 – June 6, 2013



Portal: 1) A doorway, entrance or gate especially one that is large and imposing 2) an entrance or means of entrance 3) a means of passing from one state to another i.e. hypnotism is a portal to the subconscious (American Heritage Dictionary)
     "We are immersed in portals. So much so that we don’t even notice them. How many doorways do you pass through every day? How many entrance or exit ramps from a highway do we use daily? How many elevators have you ridden? Have you crossed a bridge lately? Have you walked up or down a flight of stairs?
     The portals that surround us speak to us. We just need to stop and listen. My goal for this exhibit is to get people to notice the portals around them. To stop and think - what were the people thinking and feeling when they built this? What were people thinking and feeling over the years, even through the present, as they use these portals? For example, what joys of weddings and sorrows of funerals have passed through the front doors of a church?
     All of the photos in this exhibit were taken during 2012. The images were taken with an Olympus PEN camera in black and white mode. Two of the images were taken with an Olympus PEN that was modified to shoot infrared. None of the images have been modified in any way. Everything you see was done in the camera." 

 ~Photographer Garry Rose

"Lobby" by Garry Rose. Photography. $125
  Garry Rose
Photography. $125 
"Infinity of Doorways" by Garry Rose. Photography. $125
Infinity of Doorways
 Garry Rose
Photography. $125 
About Photographer Garry Rose:

     Garry Rose is a professional photographer and teaches photography for the cultural arts department of the city of O’Fallon. From his home in O’Fallon, Missouri, Garry enjoys bicycling and exploring off the beaten path. For Garry, the discovery of an abandoned building or an old dilapidated bridge is about as good as it gets. Garry likes to share his adventures with his wife, two daughters and the family dog. All of Garry’s photography is done in the camera. He does not alter his images in any way after they have left the camera. “The world is interesting and beautiful enough. I don’t think I could or should try to improve upon it by altering images.”

Learn more about photographer Garry Rose on his website.

Book: "Portals" by Garry Rose
By Garry Rose

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