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The Art of J.R. Seymour
Exhibition Dates: Aug 8 - Sept 3, 2006
      Southern Illinois artist, JR Seymour, paints primarily in the drip 'n pour style (no brushes), drawing the viewer into the artwork so their minds eye completes the piece through recognition of subject form. He started experimenting in abstract impressionism back in high school. After serving in the military, he attended college and picked up where he left off. In the 80's, he continued honing his skills and working with different mediums. Seymour studied plants and animals using pencils or charcoals then progressing to fiber-tip pens. Always fascinated with abstracts he started playing with more mediums until he came across the drip n pour style. His own personal belief is Pollock became stagnant after his fame and this allows him to take this style to a whole new level. 'What if you could insert subject or recognizable form into this drip n pour art style?' To date JR Seymour has created some 60+ drip n pour art pieces.
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 Artist J.R. Seymour

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