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Shadows & Fog:  Photography by Sherry Salant
Exhibition Dates: June 14 - July 18, 2013
      “Shadows and Fog” is photographer Sherry Salant's her first thematic exhibition. She has always been fascinated with both fog and shadows and how the diffusion of light causes a powerful and unusual impact of light, shape and depth of field. The mysterious nature of the black, white and numerous shades of gray are fascinating to the eye. Sherry as a writer sees the correlation between fog and shadows and her favorite genre, mysteries. The use of grays and fog was always essential is creating a mystifying mood and setting for the audience in Poe and Conan Doyle’s stories. Alfred Hitchcock, one of her favorite directors, used both shadows and fog throughout most of his films.

     Sherry’s goal in this exhibit is for her audience to feel the contradiction; the feeling of both serenity and yet fear of what is beyond the photograph. There is peace yet uncertainty.  This inconsistency is what draws her to photograph these two phenomenons. The photos in this exhibition have been minimally, digitally enhanced. The unusual nature of the photos you see here was already present, early in the morning as the fog was the thickest or late in the day when the sunset was moments away.

     Sherry is an English and journalism teacher, author, and professional photographer.  Her husband and daughters have been a great support for her photography career. Her work has been seen at Wood Icing, Stone Soup, St. Peters Cultural Center, Mindworks, and Framations Galleries. View more work by Sherry Salant on her website.

Strange Quest
Photography by Sherry Salant

     This group of trees are positioned right outside my home.  Everyday I feel they are leading me out to the rest of the world.  This day in March the fog was so heavy and thick that instead of welcoming to new places, I felt it was leading me to the unknown.

"Nevermore" by Sherry Salant. Photography. $90
Photography by Sherry Salant

     The bird is perched on the tree as the clock is ticking away in the fog. It reminds me of Poe’s “The Raven” where the narrator was waiting and waiting for his love to come back but nothing changes and she never comes. The fog represents the solitude and loneliness.

"Snow Shadows" Photography by Sherry Salant. $90.00
Snow Shadows
Photography by Sherry Salant.

     This was taken this past winter at sundown on my deck.  The snow was ten inches high and the drifts created a wavelike pattern while the sunset created shadows through the deck posts. The dark shadows contrasted the sparkling crystals of snow.



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