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"Spirit Song: The Art of Judith and Ginger Repke"
"Spirit Song…the paint, the canvas, the brush, the palette knife, the camera, the lens, and the person are all instruments in the Creator’s hands. This exhibit contains oil and watercolor paintings along with photography. 
Each of us works with the creator when making art and this show is a celebration of that interaction.  We invite you to contemplate, visualize and travel through the art for your own life's message or inspiration."
~ Artists Judith & Ginger Repke
This mother and daughter work with their creator individually and/or with each other when making art.  Judith encouraged her daughter Ginger to paint her visions and gave her oil paint, canvas and an easel for Christmas.  Ginger has taken her camera on mother-daughter vacations and to various other locations, some photographs provide Judith with inspiration.  Judith's finished work contains things God has put in without her knowledge and Ginger likes to find and comment on them.  Ginger seeks technical advice and comments on her work from Judith for guidance and growth. Both delight in this creative collaboration.
“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist,
and the less the artist does the better.”   ~ Andre GideAbout



About Artist Judith Repke:
My art is figurative, often allegorical, a rejoicing in God’s creation collaborating with the Spirit. The colors I choose reflect my emotional response to what I see in that moment. I am fascinated with the effects of light defining areas of dark and light and blended grayed tones to suggest atmosphere.  My paintings are developed through painting and sketching on site or from photographic references. Each painting starts with the observed subject and evolves through contemplation, condensation and transformation to revelation. ~ Artist Judith Repke
     Judith has shown her artwork in juried shows at Framations Gallery, Queeny Park, MOSAICS, Soulard Art Market, St Charles Riverfront Arts Art Walk, Foundry Art Center, Art Saint Louis, Missouri Watercolor Society and St. Louis Artist Guild. Her work appears in private and public collections. She is a resident artist at Clayton Fine Art Gallery and a member of Greater St. Louis Art Association, Art Saint Louis, Northside Art Association and Artists of Grace. Judith graduated from the University of Missouri as an Art Education Major.
  Learn more about Judith Repke (Website, Facebook: Repke Art , Blog)

"Spring Passage" by Judith Repke.
Oil $500


"Piercing Chaos" by Judith Repke.
Oil $800


About  Artist Ginger Repke:
My hope is the art speaks to your soul and engages your mind with photographic representations of our world and through the abstract representation of thoughts through oil painting.   I really enjoy the artwork of others as well as sharing feelings and thoughts through imagery with my own art.
I enjoy the activity of putting my shoes on, grabbing my camera, and going where the heavenlies point. The exploration and the journey to find rarity and beauty brings me exponential joy.  Approaching a canvas for painting is a challenge as I am not trained, so I approach with the Father and see what he wants to appear there for myself or others.  The willingness to run or stand still waiting for a photograph or approaching the blank canvas with an idea bring spice and adventure into my life. 
To date some photography has won awards in the Saint Louis Area. Some photography and oil paintings have been juried into shows at Framations Gallery, Foundry Art Center, and Soulard Art Gallery.  I am a newbie in showing my soul on walls for others to ponder…another great adventure in my life that started in July of 2015. ~ Artist Ginger Repke
Ginger is from the school of hard knocks and has a B.S in Computer Information Systems used daily as a solution architect.  Art is an outlet for her to see the world without the filter of business requirements and rules. Learn more about Ginger Repke

"Hymnal Prevails" by Ginger Repke.
Photography. $150

"Crimson Cleanse" by Ginger Repke.
Oil. $800

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