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Transposed: The Fiber Art of Sarah Merideth
Exhibition Dates: September 9 - October 13, 2011

      "Playing with color. It sounds like work for a child. I feel like a child sometimes working with fabric, drawing out designs and transferring them to fabric. One of my favorite things to do is the simple act of adding color to fabric. Taking a plain white piece of cotton and adding depth and patterns to the surface, knowing really that the type of dyes I use go deeper and attach and become a part of the fibers themselves." ~ Artist Sarah Merideth

     Artist Sarah Merideth's driving force behind this art exhibition is to define and demonstrate through the artwork the techniques used to add and remove color on fabric. To show the give and take, the manipulation and resulting design is a wonderful journey. The term, transpose, means literally: to change the relative position, order, or sequence of; cause to change places; interchange. Merideth considers this in terms of color and design. This overall idea encapsulates her love of fabric and it's possibilities. She not only adds to the surface, but also reverses or removes color and design through different bleaching and discharging techniques. Sometimes the adding and subtracting happens in so many layered steps, she loses track of the journey.

"Spiraling Out of Control" by artist Sarah Merideth.

Spirialing Out of Control Artist Sarah Merideth. This piece was created using the following steps: dyed, dyed, discharged, dyed, screen printed, discharged, varnish (not including all rinses and washes in between!) 

     Even a piece that may be small in stature might have many days involved in the processes used to achieve the final result. To Merideth, the fun and challenges along the way are what build to the final design and impact. The exhibition included  descriptive text for each piece as Sarah  documented the steps involved in her creative process to give the viewer a better view of the fabric.
Learn more about artist Sarah Merideth on her website and blog. 

"Leaving" by artist Sarah Merideth.               "Blue" by artist Sarah Merideth.


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